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Journey towards net-zero
We started our journey towards net-zero to stay at the forefront of sustainable development and help our customers become more sustainable with our services.

We started our journey towards net-zero to stay at the forefront of sustainable development and help our customers become more sustainable with our services.

We aim to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero by 2050.  Our  targets are approved by the Science Based Targets initiative which ensures they are in line with the latest climate science to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Journey towards net-zero
Recognised sustainability
Our operations are certified by ISO14001 and our sustainability efforts have been recognised by various awards and nominations.

Our operations are certified by ISO14001 which sets out the requirements for an environmental management system.

Our sustainability efforts have been recognised by various awards and nominations.

2023 Gold Award in the Insitute of Corporate Sustainainability and Responsibility’s Sustainability Index

2023 Gold level recognition of the Responsible Business Forum Index

2023  3rd place at the category ESG Program at the Greenest companies in Bulgaria, B2B Media award

2021 Selected in the list of Forerunners in Circular Economy by Finnish innovation fund Sitra.


Recognised sustainability
EcoVadis Gold certificate
Our continuous efforts at sustainability performance have now been rewarded with the gold certificate in EcoVadis.  EcoVadis is a leading sustainability rating provider that offers a common platform to evaluate sustainability performance.

Our continuous efforts at sustainability performance have now been rewarded with the gold certificate in EcoVadis.  It means that we are in the top 5% of the more than 100 000 evaluated companies and the top 2% in our own industry. We especially performed well in the environmental area with an outstanding performance of 90/100.   The rating covers the entire Lindström Group, all countries of operation.

EcoVadis is a leading sustainability rating provider that offers a common platform to evaluate sustainability performance with a universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools. The rating covers environmental, labour & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement themes.


EcoVadis Gold certificate


How does Lindström Mats service help to keep your facilities safe and hygiene?

With the help of our rental mat service, your facilities stay constantly clean and presentable. Our rental mat service is optimised to your needs and helps you reduce cleaning time in your facilities. The image of your company grows stronger when your premises are presentable and clean.

Our mats are also designed taken into consideration fire safety, so they are suitable for all facilities and companies from hotels to shopping centres, and offices to residence buildings.

Since mats are efficient in stopping dirt and moisture, they are a significant safety factor also beyond fire safety. Stopping dirt and moisture starts with an entrance mat that stops even the heaviest of dirt. Correct mats in correct places also prevent slips and enhances safety at work.

Our ergonomic mats are suited to all kinds of standing work from welding to offices, since they lighten the load on the employees and promote occupational well-being. Ergonomic mats also prevent slips in many places, for example in kitchens and auto shops.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy mats?

As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying your own mats might seem like a good option. However with our rental mat service , it is always easy and affordable to keep your building clean, floors protected, and people comfortable.
We take care of everything, from finding the right mats for your company to ensuring that they are cleaned and delivered on a regular basis. We also help with storage and final disposal.
Just marvel at your clean, stylish and comfortable premises, while we make the most of your mats.

How does Mats service help with budget control and customised to my needs?

Our service is suitable for companies of all sizes, because it is very cost efficient. You only pay a small monthly service fee, based on how many mats you have in use and how often they are changed. Also, choosing the right mats can save your cleaning cost.

Our service is flexible to sudden changes in demand, for example during seasonal changes. During wet season you can have your mats changed more often than during summer months. You can make adjustments to your service any time 24/7 on our online service portal eLindström or by calling our customer service.

Can I have my own customised mats?

Of course – our design mats service is exactly what you need! You can choose the colors, patterns and messages you like. We will help you with choosing the right colors and the final look of the mats.
Our design mats are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Shaped design mats can be used to make the interior look more impressive and build the company brand. We produce your mats and take care of the service in the same way as with standard mats.

How can Lindström help us in reaching our sustainability goals?

We maximise the lifespan of textiles by choosing durable materials by repairing and reusing them. Our efficient and environmentally-friendly industrial laundry ensures a long lifespan for our mats. Our aim is to recycle 100% of our textile waste by 2025, and to offer all our customers carbon-neutral services by 2035.

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Management & experts

Meet our Group Management Team, Board of Directors, and in-house experts.


The EN 14065 standard shows our customers that our laundry service system has structures in place to control microbiological contamination in the laundered textiles.
ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for a quality management system and is used to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 14001 sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. ISO 45001 guides organizations in how to take care of the occupational health and safety of their people.

CO2 calculator

Average working days
per month
per year
Yearly handwashes
756 times
per user
22 680 times
for all users
Co2 eq. emissions
8.5 g
per pair of drying hands
192.8 kg
total per year

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General inquiries

+358 20 111 600

Our email addresses are in the form of


Media inquiries

Satu Jaatinen,
Director, Brand & Communications

Tel. +358 40 7228068


Lindström Group Head Office
Hermannin rantatie 8
00580 Helsinki

Tel. +358 20 111 600
Fax +358 20 111 601

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Needs assesment and procurement
We help you determine the different workwear needs in your company to make sure all your employees get appropriate workwear for their tasks. We fit the garments for your employees and make any needed custom changes on them. We take care of the procurement and start your weekly service with the first workwear delivery.
Laundry and maintenance
We wash and maintain your workwear weekly. At our laundry, we check all the workwear and repair them, if necessary, according to your company standards. Any damaged workwear we replace with new garments on the next delivery.
Delivery and storage
We deliver clean workwear every week and at the same time, take used garments to our laundry. Workwear will be delivered directly to each employee's own locker or other predetermined place. If you have a lot of seasonal changes in your workwear needs, we can also store workwear on your behalf.
We recycle most workwear that can no longer be used for their original purpose. We give used workwear a new life as other products or discard them responsibly.

Colored value proposition

Textile waste recycling
Our goal is to recycle 100% of our textile waste by 2025. In 2022 we recycled 68% our textile waste. In 2023, we focus on finding solutions for mat recycling whose recycling rate has been quite low, read more.
Closed-loop solutions
Our target is that 30% of purchased textiles will include recycled or bio-based fibers. Read more how we are actively collaborating with our partners to create closed-loop solutions.
Net-zero emissions
Our target is to is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% across the value chain by 2030, ultimately achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Our targets are validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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Threads reshaped for a net-zero future
Imagine a future where textiles are born from recycled and biobased materials. Their washing would powered by renewable energy and transportation by electric and hydrogen technologies. Lindström is among the pioneers in the textile industry, whose climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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Working for a greener planet

Sustainability is tightly woven into the DNA of our business. Our circular business model is designed to reduce the overproduction of textiles and conserve natural resources.
Sustainability is tightly woven into the DNA of our business. Our circular business model is designed to reduce the overproduction of textiles and conserve natural resources.

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Office list

Lindström Austria
Ausstellungsstraße 50/C/2.OG
1020, Wien, Austria
Tel. +43 1 205 774 -1060
Lindström Bulgaria
ulitsa “Vitinya” 2
1517, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 2 841 11 10
Fax. +359 2 841 10 44
Lindström China Beijing
Hai Xin Lu & Xi Sheng Jie Ba Tiao
Daxing Qu, China
Lindström China Guangzhou
Zhongshan West Road
Guangzhou, China
Lindström China Shanghai
Ning Hai Xi Lu
Huangpu Qu, China
Lindström China Suzhou
428 Xing Long Jie
215126, Suzhou Shi, China
Tel. +86 512 8717 1525
Fax. +86 512 8717 1530
Lindström Czech Republic
Skandinávská 999
Žebrák, Czech Republic
Lindström Estonia Kohila
Vetuka tee 7
Kohila, Estonia
Tel. +372 66 51 900
Lindström Estonia Loo
Kuusiku tee 28
Loo, Estonia
Tel. +372 66 51 900
Lindström Estonia Tartu
Vabriku 7/9
Vahi alevik, Estonia
Tel. +372 66 51 900
Lindström Finland Etelä-Suomi
Paroistentie 5
Hämeenlinna, Finland
Tel. +358 020 111 6363
Lindström Finland Helsinki
Hermannin rantatie 8
00580, Helsinki, Finland
Tel. 020 111 6363
Lindström Finland Kaakkois-Suomi
Vanha Messiläntie 3
15860, Hollola, Finland
Tel. 020 111 6363
Lindström Finland Keski-Suomi
Puuralantie 8
40800, Jyväskylä, Finland
Tel. 020 111 6363
Lindström Finland Lounais-Suomi
Vahdontie 15
Turku, Finland
Tel. +358 020 111 6363
Lindström Germany
Flughafenstrasse 118
90411, Nürnberg, Germany
Tel. +49 02161 469356
Lindström Hungary Székesfehérvár
Gellért újsor 12
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
Tel. +36 06 (22) 333 010
Lindström Hungary Törökszentmiklós
Dózsa György út 60
5200, Törökszentmiklós, Hungary
Tel. +36 06 (56) 590 140
Lindström India Bengaluru
No. 242- A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Phase III, Bommasandra
Bengaluru, India
Tel. +91 80 2783 6004
Lindström India Chennai
No.18 Sengundram Industrial Area, Melrosapuram, Singaperumal Koil, Chengalpattu,
603204, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel. +91 044-48681114 / 5
Lindström India Delhi
Plot No. 133 A, DLF Industrial Area, Phase I
Faridabad, India
Tel. +91 12 9417 3105 -10
Lindström India Faridabad
M/S Lindstrom Services India Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 95, Sector – 68, IMT
121004, Faridabad, Haryana, India
Tel. +91 8655850710
Lindström India Kolkata
JL No.27,Village & Mouza Bipranapara, Domjur Andul Road, PS- Domjur, Dist. Howrah
711411, Kolkata, India
Tel. +91- 987 114 8040
Lindström India Hyderabad
Survey No. 707,708,714, Mekaguda,
509228, Kothpur, Nandigama, RR Disrict, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Tel. +91 8655850710
Linström India Mumbai
A-323, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape MIDC, Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra, India
Tel. +91 22 62773800
Fax. +91 22 2778 2572234
Lindström India Panchkula/Baddi
Plot No. 11, HSIIDC Industrial Area Alipur, Barwala, District
Panchkula, India
Tel. +91 900789856
Lindström India Pune
Old Gat No. 2962 to 2968, New Gat No. 1990 to 1970, WMDC Industrial area
Pune, India
Tel. +91 2135 204200
Lindström India Tinsukia
Old Ford showroom, Court Road, besides Udyog Bhawan
Tinsukia, India
Tel. +91 374 2342540
Lindström India Vadodara
Vadodara Business Unit 931, Makarpura GIDC
Vadodara, India
Tel. +91 265 2633994 – 5 – 6
Lindström Kazakhstan
Ryskulov ave 68a.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel. +7 727 228 04 13
Fax. +7 727 228 04 10
Lindström Latvia Riga
Ābeles Piņķi, Babītes pagasts, Babītes novads
Rīga, Latvia
Tel. +371 6 7913120
Fax. +371 6 7913124
Lindström Lithuania Klaipeda
Pramonės gatvė 7
Klaipėda, Lithuania
Tel. +370 46 416 150 / +370 655 94806
Lindström Lithuania Vilnius
Savanorių prospektas 183
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 232 2131 / +370 699 20711
Lindström Poland Warsaw
Marywilska 34
Warszawa, Poland
Tel. +48 22 614 21 14 / +48 22 614 05 02
Lindström Romania Bucharest
str. Drumul intre Tarlale nr 160-174, complex Apollo, cladire B3
Bucharest, Romania
Tel. +4031 80 58 150 / +4031 41 00 399 / +4037 27 46 204
Lindström Serbia
Mihajla Pupina 2
Šimanovci, Serbia
Tel. +381 (0)11 3770 565 / +381 (0)63 333 165
Lindström Slovakia, Trnava
Orešianska 7254/3
Trnava, Slovakia
Tel. +421 33 590 76 11-12
Lindström Slovenia, Logatec
Obrtna cona Logatec 29
Logatec, Slovenia
Tel. +386 8205 7382
Lindström South Korea
15 Dongwon-ro, Bundang-gu
Seongnam-si, South Korea
Tel. +82 31 717 7977
Lindström / Comforta Sweden, Göteborg
Stora Åvägen 21
Göteborg, Sweden
Tel. +46 31 788 33 25
Lindström / Comforta Sweden, Jönköping
Mogölsvägen 6
Jönköping, Sweden
Tel. +46 36 777 92 00
Lindström / Comforta Sweden, Malm
Kosterögatan 5
Malmö, Sweden
Tel. +46 40 617 40 30
Lindström / Comforta Sweden, Stockholm
Strömsätragränd 2
Skärholmen, Sweden
Tel. +46 8 515 165 40
Lindström Türkiye
Sekerpinar Mah Turgut Sok No: 5
Cayirova – Kocaeli, Türkiye
Tel. +90 0262 658 97 03
Fax. +90 0262 658 02 51
Lindström Ukraine, Dnipro
Naberezhna zavodska, 7
Dnipro, Ukraine
Tel. +380 50 34 85 513
Lindström Ukraine, Kyiv
Viskozna St, 8
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +380 44 583 03 41 / +38050 346 18 98
Fax. +380 44 501 31 05

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President & CEO
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Vice President of Human Resources 


Pieces of textiles in circulation (million)
Turnover (million)

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million repaired textiles in 2022
million repaired textiles in 2022
Textile waste recycled in 2022
Textile waste recycled in 2022
savings in water and energy consumption per washed textile kilo in the past three decades.
savings in water and energy consumption per washed textile kilo in the past three decades.


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Sustainability calculator








Customer testimonials
What our customers have to say about our services
"The mat service is an effortless solution."
Joel Karvinen | Property Manager, Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky
Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky
"We can operate in an environmentally friendly manner and use products in such a way that as few of them are wasted as possible. Cleaners have access to phones from which they can see how many products are consumed and when they need to be replaced."
Anniina Nieminen | Customer Manager, Linnan Kiinteistökehitys
Linnan Kiinteistökehitys
"We can clean up things much faster than with the ordinary rags that we used earlier. We had to use vast amounts of them before the equipment was clean."
Jukka-Pekka Kallio | Founder, Nordic Floors
Nordic Floors
"Our daily communication works well, and we are very pleased with the service. If we have any needs or feedback, Lindström reacts to them right away."
Valtteri Lyytikäinen | Acting Hotel Manager, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport
Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport
Lindström seemed like a natural choice to be our service provider because we knew that they pay a lot of attention to ecological sustainability in their operations. Napkins made of plastic are a great example of waste reuse and saving energy.
Luka Balac | Owner
Restaurant Nolla

Value propositions

Keep your premises safe and clean
Improve your company image and customer experience
All-inclusive service that saves time and money