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Sustainable textile rental services

Sustainable textile rental services
Lindström understands the needs of its customers, and in cooperation with the ecosystem of our partners and partner networks, we find effective solutions to their problems.
Our services are cost-effective, providing customers with optimized solutions that reduce labor and resource costs while maintaining high quality service.
Lindström has considered the environmental impact at every stage of product and service design, and we offer solutions that are more sustainable than buying textiles.
We ensure that our services always meet the required standards, confirming our commitment to customer satisfaction and business success.

We offer a wide range of services for your business

All textile needs in one place. Our textile rental service offers a flexible solution for the needs of various sectors. Our range of services includes everything from interior design to work clothes and personal protective equipment.

Industrial Workwear Rental

Our industrial workwear rental service is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your workers from different hazards. Furthermore, our rental industrial protective clothing also keeps your team looking professional, smart and unified.

Industrial Wiper Service

Our ‘Wipe Smart’ reusable Wiper service provides the alternative solution from the expense of you purchasing and stocking single use rags or rolls of blue paper, and then having to manage their disposal through a potentially hazardous waste stream. If you are ISO14001 registered ‘Wipe Smart’ ticks all the boxes.

Workwear Collections

Our diverse collection includes durable and well-fitting shirts, tunics, trousers, jackets and overalls, from presentable service industry outfits to heavy-duty special and protective clothing.

Find industry specific solutions for your needs

We know that the needs for each industry are different. With our extensive experience serving clients worldwide, we have just the right combination of flexibility, customisability and efficiency to support your business.

Why Rent?
When choosing textiles for your business, renting textiles is the easiest way to maximize safety, comfort and convenience.
About Lindström
We are proud of our 175-year long history and equally excited about what the next 175 will bring.
We at Lindström amount currently to approximately 3,000 employees. Our international growth continues and we are regularly looking for new Lindström employees.


Lindström Group Management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018, and EN 14065:2016.

Real customer stories tell more than us
Lindström’s workwear and the additional services of laundry and the personalised use of lockers does not only make everyday operations in production much easier from a functional point of view, but also contributes to intangible values.
Darko Trkulja | Ledo production manager
Ledo Production Manager
I have dealt with a lot of workwear companies over the time in my role, but I believe Lindström are the best of the bunch. Lindström will be there to help sort when issues do arise, which in our experience is not often.
Packaging Customer | UK
Packaging Customer, UK
Support is offered covering the total workwear spectrum and beyond, an absolute must for a business such as ours.
Automotive Customer | Uk
Automotive Customer, UK
Communication is easy, convenient and efficient, feedback is excellent.
Transportation Customer | Uk
Transportation Customer

Lindström Group caring for you since 1848

Everything starts with care. From the way we talk to the way we treat and help others. It extends to how we think ahead to make choices that feel right and are smart about using resources. Expressing caring in our work has defined the Lindström culture since 1848. Making our care sensed in every thread. We are a textile service company dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier in Europe and Asia.

At Lindström, we help our customers grow their business with our expertise in and around textiles. We provide solutions that fit our customers’ businesses and staff. Our textile services combine smart practices, cost-efficiency and sustainability with a commitment to create value for our customers. We approach the tiniest fabric details and the broader view with care in every thread.

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