Workwear & Industrial Wiper Rental Services

Lindström provides businesses with a quality range of rental workwear and industrial wipers at the best possible price. Our cost-effective service ensures your employees will always benefit from fresh uniforms that are fit for purpose and meet the latest health and safety requirements.

Workwear Rental Service

Do you need a cost-effective, reliable workwear service?

Do you want to protect your staff whilst ensuring a smart look and comfort?

Are you environmentally aware and need a sustainable solution to your workwear?

At Lindström, we pride ourselves on making sure your workers are equipped with the most comfortable, durable, and safest work uniforms. With our innovative rental service, you can ensure your workforce will start each day with a clean, hygienic, and professional uniform that promotes your company. We will measure each member of staff individually so your workers will receive the best-fitted uniforms.

Whether you are looking for hi-vis clothing, construction clothing, or PPE for the food production industry, speak to Lindström today.

Industrial Cleaning Cloths – The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Blue Roll

Let Lindström clean up the handling of your industrial dirt and hazardous waste with our industrial wiper service. We provide a wide range of industrial wipers suitable for a variety of sectors such as printing, mechanics and engineering facilities. We can collect your dirty wipers and absorption mats for laundry regularly and deliver clean replacements at the same time. Our cost-efficient service ensures your business will always have enough clean wipers and mats in use. Your premises will also stay fresh thanks to the collector bins that are included in our service.

For more details on our industrial wipers, contact Lindström today.

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