Cleanroom service

Cleanroom service

Cleanroom textile service – guaranteed hygiene, safety, and reliability

Our reusable cleanroom garments and accessories designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry act as a barrier between the person and the manufacturing environment. They help with preventing contamination in the production area and thus ensure the safety of your products. Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures.

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Why us

Benefits of our cleanroom service

Protect your products and employees from contamination
Our garments are specifically designed as per IEST-RP-CC003 so as to protect your products from contamination and particles, ensuring that your products stay intact and your employees safe.
Always hygienic garments available for your employees
All of our pharmaceutical garments fulfill the highest hygiene standards, applying to the European Standard EN- 14065, which guarantees hygiene throughout our whole service process.
Cost-efficient solution that comes with flexible service
With our rental service, there are no hidden costs. Our service includes everything from the garment itself to washing, maintenance, repairs, replacements, delivery and storage, and garment lockers.
Needs assesment and procurement
We start our service with a needs assesment where we can also determine the needed delivery frequency. We will take care of the textile procurement for you and make sure that you will have high-quality and ecologically sustainable products.
Laundry and maintenance
We will wash all textiles at agreed intervals and make sure you always have enough clean textiles at your use.
Delivery and storage
We will deliver clean textiles to the designated place and take used textiles into laundry. We make sure that you clean textile supply is always sufficient.
Recycling and disposal
Our service is flexible for seasonal changes so we can store textiles for you. We take care of textile recycling and sustainable disposal of discarded textiles.

Frequently asked questions

In which ISO class Cleanroom garments are decontaminated?

Lindström has the ISO 5 & ISO 7 Cleanroom laundries for decontaminating the Cleanroom garments.

How does the service work if I decide to use Lindström Cleanroom service?

In our Cleanroom service centre, we do microbial and particulate decontamination. We have reusable cleanroom garments which are designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry as per IEST-RP-CC-003.04 which act as a barrier between the person and the manufacturing environment. Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP guidelines.
If you are interested in taking cleanroom service, get in touch with our Sales team. our Sales team will work with you to know your requirements and propose the suitable cleanroom garments. Based on the agreement, cleanroom garments will be issued and processed in Cleanroom service centre validated as per ISO 14644. Each garment is fitted with UHF chip to track the garment life cycle which will facilitates you to see it on eLindstrom portal. Lindstrom will take care of delivery of cleaned garments and collection of soiled garments as per the agreed schedule.

Can Cleanroom service be customised to my company needs?

We design, procure and store Cleanroom garments based on customer needs and regulatory norms. We provide validated and compliant garment and other cleanroom reusable products such as Goggles and Mops designed especially for cleanroom to prevent contamination. We also monitor garments’ life cycle on behalf of customers.

Our standardised Cleanroom service ensures, that the garments are always hygienic and correctly washed, properly packed in ISO classified area and delivered to customers’ premises at their disposal.

How can we be sure that the garment themselves are always clean and not contaminating the manufacturing environment and the product?

Lindström cleanroom laundry process ensures a standardised and textile cleaning process. The Washing is carried out with the validated process, garments are inspected and packed in a classified environment (ISO 14644), Garment performance tests are carried out as per the set frequencies.
Defined qualification program of the facility and validation of process ensures that the cleanroom garments meet the defined parameters.

How can Lindström help us in reaching our sustainability goals?

Lindström is among the pioneers in the textile industry, whose climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. We aim to cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% across the value chain by 2030 and ultimately achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Our goal is that 30% of our new textiles purchased include recycled or biobased materials by 2025.
Our Cleanroom garments and other cleanroom consumables items like Goggles & Mops are reusable and can be washed multiple times before it needed to replace ultimately reduces the environmental impact. We also work with our customer on optimising the packaging sizes, packaging material and using recyclable packaging material to reduce the plastic waste.

What are the other cleanroom reusable product services you provide?

Apart from Cleanroom reusable garments, we do provide Cleanroom services for reusable Goggles, Mops and Socks.