My goal is to make myself obsolete

Juha Laurio

President & CEO
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“One should never assume anything,” says President and CEO of the Lindström Group, Juha Laurio. Genuine curiosity and an urge to understand led him to a Master’s Degree in engineering. His first full-time job was as an R&D engineer, working among diesel and gas engines. “Ever since my childhood, I knew that I wanted to lead an organization, to become a CEO. As a part of that journey, I spent multiple years in different management positions before landing in Lindström as a ‘CEO in training’ in 2006.” 

In addition to his responsibilities with Lindström, Laurio holds positions as a board member within multiple companies and organisations. “Our own board encouraged me to take on such responsibilities. It’s a good way to experience different angles of different businesses and industries. I am additionally able to see how other CEOs and management teams choose to solve the tasks they have at hand. There is always something to learn!” 

As we write 2023, Lindström celebrates its 175th anniversary. The same year, Laurio can look back at 15 years at the reins, the first one to come from outside the Roiha family since the acquisition in 1922. “I really admire the way my predecessor, Jukka Roiha, was able to step down from the position of CEO to the position of chairman before eventually leaving the company. He set it all up in an excellent way. It made the change run smoothly for everyone involved, and I appreciate that.” 

As a leader, Juha Laurio values personal interactions with Lindströmers. Juha also uses travel as a means of gaining insights into the organisation. “It is important to me to have face-to-face conversations with people in all levels of the company, not just my immediate circle. This way, avoiding isolation and being unaware of potential issues”. He continues: “I enjoy seeing people succeed and thus enable Lindström to succeed. My goal is really to make myself obsolete”.  

Sports – particularly tennis – allows Laurio to clear his mind and stay sharp between business decisions and meetings. He describes himself as “a bit of a competitive person”, a personality trait he is “learning to deal with”. Being a sore loser might not be all bad, though: “The meaning of my life is to make the world a better place for the next generation, including my own children.”