Restaurant Textiles

Restaurant Textiles

Restaurant textiles are a part of a high-quality customer experience

Restaurant textiles play a significant role in creating the right atmosphere and image for your restaurant. With the help of our flexible, care-free and cost-efficient rental service, you always have enough clean textiles available in your restaurant, without the expenses caused by material acquisition and storage.

Through our Restaurant Textiles collection, you can easily build a look and atmosphere suited for your restaurant, giving you a differentiation from competitors and take your customer experience to the next level.

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Benefits of renting restaurant textiles
Unique customer experience that differentiates you from competitors
Classically elegant, Meditarranean casual or hip urban? High-quality textiles ensure the fullfillment of pursued customer experience. Textiles build up the quality image and atmosphere.
Cost-efficient and care free service that saves you time and money
As a rental textile customer, you don’t have to invest in textile procurement, maintenance and storage.
Flexible service that ensures you always have enough clean textiles available
We clean and maintain the textiles at agreed intervals – your restaurant staff is free to take care of the customers and we will take care of everything else. Our service is flexible to seasonal changes.
"In my opinion, Comforta and Lindström have been reliable and flexible partners. Cooperation has been active and we have received a lot of good ideas regarding our hotel textiles. They have even been able to react to our challenging wishes."
Jouko Puranen | General Manager, Marski by Scandic
Marski by Scandic
Needs assesment and procurement
We start our service with a needs assesment where we can also determine the needed delivery frequency. We will take care of the textile procurement for you and make sure that you will have high-quality and ecologically sustainable products.
Laundry and maintenance
We will wash all textiles at agreed intervals and make sure you always have enough clean textiles at your use.
We will deliver clean textiles to the designated place and take used textiles into laundry. We make sure that you clean textile supply is always sufficient.
Storage and disposal
Our service is flexible for seasonal changes so we can store textiles for you. We take care of textile recycling and sustainable disposal of discarded textiles.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay more with Lindström Restaurant Textiles service?

With the help of our flexible and cost-efficient rental service, actually you do not have to pay more. The reason is, what you pay for Lindström service will not only include textiles. What you pay will cover all of these: manual work of researching high quality textiles and textile suppliers, test washing and quality check of new textiles, manual work of ordering new textiles, storage of textiles, repairing textiles, quality check on stains, holes on textiles, high hygiene level of clean textiles, the effort of recycling torn-out textiles. Furthermore, the price you pay will also cover many different kinds of risk. Please imagine the risk of washing machine breakdown or even staff sick leave which may interrupt the supply of clean textiles in your restaurant if you do all the textile management by yourself. Lindström Restaurant Textiles service minimise textile management work for you and also minimise the risk in textile management for you, so that you can focus on your restaurant business.

What kind of textiles are included in Lindström Restaurant Textiles service?

With our Restaurant Textiles collection, you can easily build a look and atmosphere suited to your restaurant:

  • Classic for classic and fine dining restaurants
  • Serene and Striped napkins for more casual and relaxed restaurants.
  • Iris is also more casual and relaxed but with colours. It has better colour fastness because material is polyester.
  • Kitchen towel and side towel for kitchen textiles.
Can Restaurant Textiles service be customised to my restaurant needs?

Our service is flexible and enables the right scale of services for both smaller and more extensive needs, giving you a unique look to differentiate from competitors and take your customer experience to the next level.

How does the service work if I decide to use Lindström Restaurant Textiles service?

It is very easy. First, please spend just 3 minutes to contact us via our information. Then our representative will visit your restaurant as soon as possible and discuss about your textiles needs, which includes product types, colors, delivery frequences and other issues. We thereby provide quotation and contract template for you to look at beforehand. Once the contract is signed, you can start using our service right away.

How can Lindström help us in reaching our sustainability goals?

Our reusable products help reduce waste amount and your disposal costs significantly. Manufactured from both durable and recyclable materials, the cloth is easy to care for than traditional cloths, making it a very affordable and sustainable solution.
We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions every year and halve our greenhouse emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050 across our value chain.