Our culture

Exploring the We Care culture

Our We Care culture is in everything we do: our development, our performance, our wellbeing and how we treat each people.
Our We Care culture is in everything we do: our development, our performance, our wellbeing and how we treat each people.
We Care culture in a nutshell

What do we mean by We Care culture?

We care means, for example, that we give each other good energy, keep things simple and clear, are curious and we listen to each other’s opinions. We talk openly when we have questions or encounter a problem and always try to find a solution to the problem. Above all, we care about each other and treat each other with respect. The feeling of caring is contagious, so together we want to maintain it and grow it even more. We believe that our we care culture is also visible to our customers.

We operate in very different countries, and our work community – even within a single country – is truly a multicultural one. We believe in treating all people equally and guaranteeing them safe working conditions and decent benefits for the work they do. Our operating methods are largely uniform in all countries, but we also respect the requirements of different cultures. We measure job satisfaction on a regular basis through the Voice of Employee survey and the Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Lindström's We Care culture affects all our operations.
Our values

Values guide our work every day.

Profitable growth
Innovative development and new thinking create growth, leading to success for all of us – Customers, Employees and the Company. ​ Efficient and cost-concious operations ensure our profitability – giving us the possibility to invest in new opportunities. ​ Long-term thinking guides our decision-making and resource allocation.
We act in a responsible way in everything we do – financially, socially and environmentally. ​ We operate to the highest ethical standards, respecting local cultures and acting according to local laws and regulations. We expect our suppliers and partners to follow the same principles. ​ As a family owned company we are commited to building a legacy that future generations can be proud of. ​ ​
Long-term customer relationships
We create top-level customer experience and add value for our customers. ​ By listening to our customers we understand their needs. This enables us to develop our competetitive offering in the market. ​ We are honest and keep our promises. We face any challenge as it arises. ​ ​
Enthusiasm and the joy of learning
Our people are supported in their work through interactive communication and open feedback. ​ We encourage personal development by providing new opportunities, experiences and chances to learn. ​ Together we make our company an excellent place to work. ​
Employee satisfaction

We care for our employees – and ask for their feedback regularly

Ensuring employee satisfaction is our number one job, and we measure it on an annual basis with a comprehensive Voice of Employees survey once a year in November and with a short a pulse survey in between in May to gain regular feedback. Rather than asking employees to rate general statements, we ask them to select and rate topics that are most relevant to them in order to be happy, satisfied and engaged at work. The results help us understand what is most important to our employees and prioritize development activities accordingly.

Employee Satisfaction (on a scale of 0-100)
Safety observations per person
% of our operations is covered by ISO 45001
We Care Leadership

Lindström's leaders are in a key role in creating a great employee experience to all.

Our leaders act as the role models for all Lindströmers worldwide. Our Leadership principles and We Care Leadership trainings support them in learning leadership skills, emotional intelligence, self-awereness, building trust in our teams and creating high-performing teams by leading with heart.

We Care
We’re human: ​ trust and respect all.
We Shine
Stay curious, have courage and boost innovation.
We Dare
Inspire others, create opportunities and show example.
We Grow
Go beyond the comfortable, drive results and fuel others to succeed.