I am passionately interested in sustainability and how to combine it with solid financial growth.

Petri Vapola

Chief Financial Officer
Areas of expertise
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Petri Vapola came to Lindström in 2015, taking over the role as Head of the Finance and Business Controller team. At that point, he could already look back at a long and diverse career in various corporate units. Petri had experiences diverse finance-oriented roles, and in a variety of industries.  A love for numbers and people keeps on being the driving force. “I sincerely enjoy solving problems with numbers together with colleagues.”

Cultivating a good relationship with his team and creating a good work environment is important to Petri Vapola. “I really appreciate the international nature of our business. As a company, we have a strong culture and practice long-term thinking. Celebrating success is an integral part of my approach to leadership. Company events like Christmas and summer parties, team lunches and dinners, are all part of fostering a positive work environment.” Describing himself as a calm organiser and diplomatic executer, Vapola finds it important to be an ambassador for Lindström’s values and WeCare culture. “I aim to be grateful for and enjoy the moments and opportunities that come along”.

Sitting on top of the company’s piggy bank requires structure – and people skills. “There is a bit of finance in everything any company does. My team collaborates with a variety of different stakeholders both locally in our countries of operations and in the Head Office here in Helsinki.” Vapola continues: “We serve as a resource for anything finance-related and liaise with different functions and competence centres. We ensure that guidelines and best practices are implemented effectively across the organization”.

When asked if he has a favourite number, Vapola is quick on his feet. “I like it when I benchmark our numbers and performance against competitors’ numbers, and we come out on top. I’m a very sore loser!” he says with a laugh.