Industrial Wipers

Industrial Wipers

Wiping and absorption products for industrial use

Our industrial wiper service provides products for the handling of industrial dirt and hazardous waste. We pick up dirty wipers and absorption mats for laundry regularly and deliver clean replacements at the same time. Our cost efficient service ensures that you always have enough clean wipers and absorption mats in use and your premises stay clean thanks to the collector bins included in our service. Switch to a care free service and let us handle the disposal of your hazardous waste responsibly!

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Why us

Benefits of our wiper service

Cost efficient solution that saves you time and money
Disposal of hazardous waste according to regulations
Flexible service that easily adapts to your needs
Flexible service

Our industrial wiper service offers durable wiping products for the handling of industrial and toxic waste. We will deliver you clean wipers and absorption mats at agreed intervals and take used textiles to our laundry. Our service ensures that you always have enough clean wipers and absorption products available for use.

Our service is flexible to your needs and can be adjusted at any time. If you have seasonal changes or have sudden needs for more products, we can make changes to the amount of products delivered to you very flexibly.

Responsible disposal of hazardous waste

Industrial dirt is most often oil and similar dirt classified as hazardous waste. The treatment and disposal of such dirt is regulated by law. We adhere to strict safety and environmental instructions in the handling and transport of our wipers and absorption mats. Switch to our service and rest assured because we will take care of responsible disposal of hazardous waste for you! We can provide you with a report of disposed waste.

Clear savings with our service

Our flexible service model ensures cost-efficiency. By using a recyclable wiping product, waste volumes decrease and the disposal costs of such waste are no longer your concern. To start with our service, there is no initial investments needed – we provide you with the products and containers and you only pay for the small weekly service fee according to how much products you need. Make full use of the cost benefit right away!


We apply with strict safety and environmental instructions when it comes to handling and transportation of our products. Our service process is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

"We can clean up things much faster than with the ordinary rags that we used earlier. We had to use vast amounts of them before the equipment was clean."
Jukka-Pekka Kallio | Founder, Nordic Floors
Nordic Floors
Needs assessment and procurement
Based on a jointly performed needs assessment, we will plan together with you the selection of wipers and absorption mats best suited to your company. At the service launch, we will deliver safe and high-quality delivery and collection containers for the products to your facilities. You then get to enjoy the benefits of our service.
Laundry and maintenance
We will wash and maintain all wipers and absorption mats for you. We will make sure the hazardous waste will be responsibly handled and disposed in accordance with the law.
Supply delivery
We will pick up used wipers for laundry at the same time we deliver you a clean supply.
Recycling and disposal
We ensure that discarded textiles and the waste they produce will be responsibly handled and disposed of.
What are our wipers designed for?
Garages and service stations
Garages and service stations
In repair operations, our high-quality and absorbent industrial wipers are indispensable dirt collectors. The astonishingly absorbent absorption mat made of cotton, on the other hand, serves as a diverse work platform in anticipating accidents, thus, ensuring cost-efficiency.
Industry, workshops, and maintenance
Industry, workshops, and maintenance
The excellent absorbency of our industrial wipers, which is up to 6 times better than that of disposable rags, does the wipers justice in all maintenance, industrial and workshop activities. The absorption mats placed underneath receptacles and maintenance items protect work facilities against leaking and spilled liquids.
Graphic industry
Graphic industry
For the ink wiping needs of the graphic industry, we offer our industrial wipers especially designed for the needs of the printing industry and not used in any other industry. Our highly absorbent wipers for maintaining printing machines are made of 100% cotton to efficiently clean ink.

Frequently asked questions

Is it not cheaper to buy my own wipers?

As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying your own wipers might seem like a good option. However, in industrial use, wipers do not have a very long life cycle and they need to be replaced with new ones frequently. Taking into consideration the laundry costs and cost of disposing hazardous waste, buying your own wipers starts piling up costs that are difficult to estimate and budget. Then again the quality of disposable wipers is not enough for industrial use and they also create a big waste problem, especially when handling hazardous waste.

Our care-free wiper service is more cost efficient than handling all of this on your own. Our service is easy to budget and there are no hidden costs! All of this is automatically included in our service:

  • Acquiring enough wipers for your daily use
  • Wiper containers for both clean and used wipers
  • Laundry
  • Logistics arrangements between laundry service and your facility
  • Meeting the legal obligations of disposing hazardous waste
  • Reports of waste disposal when needed
Aren’t all wipers pretty much the same?

Not really! We understand the needs of heavy duty industries and have the best performing wipers for different kind of wiping and absorption needs. Our wipers have the best-in-market performance in terms of absorption, cleaning and polishing. Always the same standard size fits perfectly in your arm or pocket so you can always have your wiping tool at hand.

What material is the wipers made of?

Our wipers are 100% cotton that ensures high absorption, dual (polish side and rough side) cleaning quality and no lint on wiping surface.

How does the service work if I decide to use Lindström Industrial Wiper service?

You can easily contact us via our information, then our representative will visit you to discuss about your wiper needs regarding the type of products, quantity to order, delivery frequencies and other issues. We thereby provide quotation and contract template for you to look at beforehand. Once the contract is signed, you can start using our service right away.

How can Lindström help us in reaching our sustainability goals?

Our wipers help reduce waste amount and your disposal costs significantly. Manufactured from both durable materials, Our products are 100% cotton with up to 2-year lifecycle. Our aim is to recycle 100% of our textile waste by 2025, and to offer all our customers carbon-neutral services by 2035.