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Lindström is a family-owned textile service company focusing on making our customers’ lives easier. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We offer sustainable and easy-to-use textile services that ensure safe and hygienic solutions for the best possible customer experience.

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"We want to be a workplace employees enjoy coming to every day, and comfortable workwear has a significant role in making that a reality. Because workwear is worn throughout the workday, it is extremely important that every employee is able to find an outfit that works for them."
Veera Vuorinen | Vice President, Store Layout Design and Space Management at SOK
S Group
"The mat service is an effortless solution."
Joel Karvinen | Property Manager, Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky
Taloyhtiöpalvelut – Onnistutaan Ky
"We can operate in an environmentally friendly manner and use products in such a way that as few of them are wasted as possible. Cleaners have access to phones from which they can see how many products are consumed and when they need to be replaced."
Anniina Nieminen | Customer Manager, Linnan Kiinteistökehitys
Linnan Kiinteistökehitys
"We can clean up things much faster than with the ordinary rags that we used earlier. We had to use vast amounts of them before the equipment was clean."
Jukka-Pekka Kallio | Founder, Nordic Floors
Nordic Floors
"Our daily communication works well, and we are very pleased with the service. If we have any needs or feedback, Lindström reacts to them right away."
Valtteri Lyytikäinen | Acting Hotel Manager, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport
Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport
Lindström seemed like a natural choice to be our service provider because we knew that they pay a lot of attention to ecological sustainability in their operations. Napkins made of plastic are a great example of waste reuse and saving energy.
Luka Balac | Owner
Restaurant Nolla
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