I want to contribute to the success of all Lindströmers and the company by continuously developing capabilities critical for the future, key people processes, and the strong We Care culture.

Michaela Martin

Senior Vice President of Human Resources 
Areas of expertise

Michaela Martin has a passion for enabling people to succeed and shine. This has led her to a variety of different HR roles over the past 15 years, working in multiple different areas, industries, and companies. “What drives me is the opportunity to build tools, mindsets, and capabilities. Whether it is within and beyond the HR function, helping companies and people develop and grow”.

Martin’s educational journey took her to Hanken School of Economics via Stockholm School of Economics. In Lindström, she has found a company with authentic values and purpose. “Our purpose is to inspire people to shine and businesses to grow in a sustainable way. We genuinely care for the planet and its people, and you can feel that when you walk through the door. That feeling inspires people to take responsibility for their own learnings, development, and success. This creates a company culture enabling innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement”.

“My work is something I sincerely enjoy, connecting the dots between different functions and understanding the implications of different actions. It is important to me that Lindström is led in a sustainable way and is perceived as a responsible employer”. She continues: “Sustainable leadership is essentially the idea that leaders should focus on long-term, holistic solutions that consider the well-being of their team, as well as the overall health of the organisation. It is about investing in people and helping them grow and develop. Not just in terms of their professional skills, but also their personal well-being and motivation”.

Michaela Martin leads a team of HR professionals in areas such as talent and culture, performance, compensation and benefits, and people systems and analytics. “I strive to strike a balance between being present for my team and not micromanaging. Simultaneously, also not getting too deeply involved in areas where other people are experts”. This also ties into the idea of sustainable leadership. “Good role models take care of themselves and establish boundaries to ensure a healthy work-life balance. I encourage my team to take care of themselves because I believe that will ultimately lead to better outputs and a healthier workplace culture”.