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People Champions met for the first time in European People Forum

People Forum enhances collaboration and employee representation

In the spring of 2023, Lindström established a People Forum. The purpose was to improve information sharing throughout the different countries and comply with the European Works Council Directive. The first face-to-face meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland, on 18 October. For the first time, collecting all the country representatives together in one location.

“The formation of the People Forum at a pan-European level underlines our commitment to involving our employees in decision-making processes, thereby ensuring that the voices and perspectives of Lindströmers are heard and valued­. This development aligns with the company’s dedication to transparency, diversity, and inclusivity,” comments Michaela Martin, Senior Vice President, HR.

Meeting colleagues and building bridges for future collaboration

The first physical meeting of the People Forum took place at the Lindström head office in Helsinki, Finland. People Champions, the representatives from various European countries, gathered to discuss various topics. The conversations for instance centered around corporate strategy and Lindström’s We Care culture. The meeting underlines the company’s commitment to fostering meaningful employee dialogue and collaboration.

“I think Lindström recognizes that in a company of our size, it is very difficult to obtain genuine feedback and an open flow of communication throughout the business. It is clear that Lindström has a strong desire to engage with employees throughout the organisation. We invest in improving the employee experience. The assembling of the People Forum is an example of Lindström’s ‘WeCare’ strategy in action. The event exceeded my expectations. A lot of information was presented, and it was a far more collaborative and engaging experience than I first anticipated. There were many valuable takeaways from the sessions I was grateful to have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other countries and discuss mutual experiences and challenges,” tells Paul Reilly from the UK.

“For me, the biggest benefit was the exchange of experiences and information between colleagues from different countries. The meeting also helped me live up to one of my secret wishes! I’ve been working for Lindström for five years and have always wanted to visit the company’s head office. Now I finally had the chance to see where things are created and planned. For sure, this was just the beginning. There are still questions and unclarity over the tasks for the people champions, but I’m sure we’ll figure things out. There were many ideas about what to improve. So I’m waiting for the moment we start solving them,” comments Jānis Riekstiņš from Latvia.

“People Forum gave unique insight, and covered a multitude of topics. It was great to meet colleagues from other countries and share experiences from different perspectives. Although no strict agenda existed, the event succeeded because of knowledge sharing in a “safe place.” The biggest takeaway is the connections and confidence that all of us can make a difference together. Colleges in my country are looking forward to the next steps,” adds Manuela Mamuzic from Croatia.  

The People Forum will continue to meet regularly to address various topics related to Lindström and its employees and their success. The commitment to an open and inclusive dialogue between the leadership and Lindströmers is expected to bring about positive changes that benefit all stakeholders.

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