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In conversation with Anett Rosta

Working with colleagues across Europe

Anett Rosta joined Lindström in 2016 and feels she has learned a lot during her time at the company. When she started, she was part of the global Case Support head office team, and was responsible for seven European countries. Now the teams have been regionalised and Rosta has become part of the Central and Western European Case Support team. Now she supports the countries in the area as a project manager.

“Together, we try to find solutions for every customer.”

Lindström offers textile rentals. In order to ensure the best service for the customer, the Case Support team and the Sales team go over the needs of customers and develops new items, ideas, and presentations as well as ways to organise samples, prepare the products ready for production, etc. Most importantly, they supervise the entire process for customers to receive customised items all the way from samples to delivery.

Anett Rosta currently works as the team leader of the Case Support team for Central and Western Europe. Presently, Anett’s team consists of three people, including two designers and one project manager. The team’s work also covers evaluation of third-party products, updating each country’s collections, supporting the global product development team with industry-specific and market-specific insights, joining the sales team for customer visits, and supporting them in finding a proper solution for their needs. Rosta also participates every so often in global projects.

People who are interested and ready to work for opportunities, Lindström is the place for you.

Anett Rosta is team leader of case support in Lindström Europe.

Lots of growth opportunities

Lindström is a great company for professional and personal development, there are a lot of training programmes available. Everyone has a one-month orientation period where they get to know the company and the rest of the personnel. In addition, the work environment boosts learning and growing on the job – and helps maintain a good work-life balance. Flexible working times, a work-from-home option and best of all, people who are experts in their field.

“The slogan We Care resonates with me – I care about people and my team. Not only about their performance but also how they feel.”

Keeping things fresh

Anett Rosta first applied to Lindström due to a recommendation from a former colleague. A former colleague thought she would be a perfect candidate for the open position, because of her communication and interpersonal skills. Indeed, according to Anett, her favourite part of her job is the possibility to work with people. The work environment is full of people from different cultures.

“The job description was quite clear, and I knew what I had signed up for. The tasks and description corresponded to the position.”

Even the overall way of working has not changed drastically over the years; the new people who join the team or company keep things fresh and inspiring. To succeed in each task, you need to have an open mind and ask questions. Finding information, communicating about topics and asking questions is an essential part of the job and creates the foundation for it.

“A learning for me has been working with Generation Z. They bring a completely different approach to in-person communication and interpersonal dynamics of the group.”

Rosta is motivated by working on things that she cares about. She cares about sales, working together with different people and finding solutions cooperatively. Sustainability is also a key theme at Lindström, the principle of going towards more environmentally friendly solutions and technology which aligns with her own values.

“Act like what you do makes a difference because it does. This is a guideline I try to follow in my job.”

Who: Anett Rosta
Role at Lindström: Team leader of Case Support for Central and Western Europe
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Outside of Office: In her free time, she loves spending time in nature together with her Hungarian vizsla dog. She also enjoys riding her bicycle and is a big supporter of her son’s water polo team.

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