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Our Sustainability report 2023 has been published

Our 175-celebration year was marked with excellence and outstanding achievements. We successfully met our financial targets; our customer and employee satisfaction took great leaps forward, and we made good progress in improving the sustainability of our services and operations.

In the Sustainability report interview, Juha Laurio, our CEO, shares what he considers the secret behind our long history: “It is our commitment to a long-term perspective that guides our decisions and drives us to continuously renew ourselves.”

Kati Pallasaho, SVP of Strategy and Sustainability, notes: “Our almost 100-year-old circular business model for textile services is more relevant than ever. We have strong tailwinds from megatrends, customer expectations, and changing regulations that are accelerating our growth.”

According to Laurio, the future of our services looks promising. “There is an increasing demand for operators like us, providing turn-key solutions that promote sustainability and transparency. We develop our services constantly and explore opportunities to deliver additional value through initiatives such as digitalisation. Across all our markets, we see promising and significant growth potential well into the foreseeable future.”

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