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Industrial wipers landed in Bulgaria: Agarikus among the first customers 

In spring 2023, we launched industrial wiper service across several European markets, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Austria. The first customers have already benefitted from the service. The offer is an easy and cost-efficient alternative for disposable and purchased products. One of those is Agarikus, an innovative vegan food factory in Bulgaria.  

Agarikus is a family business that manufactures healthy organic protein bars and various fruit and nut products. Its factory, in the small village of Gurmazovo, has solar panels on the roof. It adheres to the highest food safety and quality standards, such as the IFS Food standard. The family values and quality requirements also set expectations for its suppliers. Juliana Mitova, Head of Production at Agarikus, shares how our collaboration started less than two years ago: 

“Our partnership started with workwear service. The driving force behind is our desire to enhance comfort, safety and peace of mind for our employees. Lindström offered a comprehensive solution, including clothing, hats and reusable sleeves – everything necessary for improved working conditions in the factory. It is especially convenient that they handle everything – from collecting textiles for washing to returning them to employees’ lockers. We do not have to worry about workwear management, which is a big obligation in any production.”

Agaricus worker enjoying Lindström industrial wiper service

The collaboration later expanded to mat service, contributing to the cleanliness of the premises. The most recent addition to the service portfolio is the industrial wiper service.

“Industrial wiper service is new in the Bulgarian market, and in my opinion, it is a very attractive service. It not only saves us money but also ensures cleanliness while significantly facilitating our work. We no longer need to concern ourselves with changing, washing or recycling the wipers,” Mitova points out.

Ventzislav Boyadjiev, the Managing Director of Lindström Bulgaria, rejoices about the overwhelmingly positive market response to the new service. “We are delighted to see the market embracing this innovative offering. It enhances workplace efficiency and promotes sustainability. Customers are thrilled with the convenience and cost-effectiveness it brings to their operations.” 

Sustainable approach recognised by various accolades

All Lindström services operate based on circular economy principles. We aim for a long lifespan of textiles, 100% textile recycling and efficient use of resources. “Our sustainable advances have wid recognition within the Bulgarian market.” notes Boyadjiev proudly. He refers to several accolades earned for environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

In 2021, we were named the best service company by Forbes magazine. The recognition highlighted our dedication to delivering exceptional service while upholding the highest standards of sustainability. In the following year, we ranked as one of the top employers in the country. This recognition bestowed up on us by ARS, an Aon Global Network Correspondent. The most recent award was granted by B2B media in 2023 for the Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) programme. It underscored our innovative approach to corporate responsibility and our efforts to minimise environmental impact, promote social welfare, and uphold ethical standards throughout our operations.

Agarikus Green awards in Bulgaria

Agarikus exceed customers’ expectations

“We anticipate that our industrial wiper service will not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations across various industries. With its high-quality wipers, efficient delivery system, and sustainable approach, the service has poise to become the go-to solution for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective industrial cleaning solutions. We aim to see significant growth in demand for industrial wiper service as more companies recognise the value it brings to their operations. Both in terms of performance and sustainability,” describes Boyadjiev confidently.

Julia Mitova from Agarikus echoes this sentiment: “I can recommend Lindström to all my colleagues in the industry. Not only because of their efficient and flexible service. Also, because they consistently introduce innovative solutions to enhance our operations. We are happy that they have lightened the workload for both our employees and management of our factory.”

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Our industrial wiper service provides products for the handling of industrial dirt and hazardous waste. Our cost efficient service ensures that you always have enough clean wipers and absorption mats in use and your premises stay clean thanks to the collector bins included in our service.
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