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Lindström enhances sustainability knowledge through gaming 

Lindström Finland developed a board game for all employees to increase awareness of sustainability and individual responsibilities. Promoting circular economy is an essential part of our business. We aim to reduce unnecessary textile consumption by offering rental and maintenance services for textiles to companies. Since sustainability issues can be complex, gamification provides an easy and enjoyable way to address these matters.  

“Our goal is to increase the staff’s awareness of various aspects of sustainability. We want everyone to feel that, via their work, they can contribute to environmental responsibility. That holds true, whether they work in sales, laundry, or with a partnering company, such as a delivery company,” notes Jenni Hintzell, HR Director of Lindström in Finland. 

The goal is for all office employees to play the game once by spring 2024. Additionally, 80% of production and half of delivery workers should play the game by then. 

The board game addresses Lindström’s sustainability principles through questions 

The sustainability game is a board game that people can play during various events. Both in social and learning events or on other occasions, preferably with both staff and management present. In Finland, the company has called in the company’s internal culture captains for help. They have got training as game facilitators across different parts of Finland. The culture captains are people who, in addition to their daily work, want to contribute to building Lindström’s We Care culture in some way.  

People playing the sustis game

In the sustainability game, Lindström’s own sustainability principles are addressed through various questions. The questions have predetermined answer options, from which employees can choose the best ones for themselves. 

The game is also fun because it can be played multiple times. I have noticed that my own answers vary depending on the situation. There are no wrong answers in the game; they serve as a basis for discussion,

Elina Väyrynen, one of the culture captains hosting the game sessions. 

Based on the feedback, people have found a connection between sustainability issues and their work. 

“There have even been development ideas for production, which has been our wish. We want Lindströmers to feel capable of influencing and developing aspects related to sustainability. It has been nice to see that sustainability issues are clearly part of our DNA,” Hintzell rejoices. 

The game has gained a lot of attention both internally as well as externally. Plans have been thrown around to create a game to play together with customers. 

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