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Lindström Bulgaria lists among the top quartile Best Employers 2022

 The prestigious ARS (Aon Global Network Correspondent), in partnership with Kincentric, certified Lindström Bulgaria as a company among the top quartile employers in 2022 in the country.   

 ARS Bulgaria has run the best Employers Bulgaria survey for over 17 years in partnership with the global giant Kincentric.  The survey follows their internationally recognised methodology and examines employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as all aspects of the work environment – flexibility, engaging leadership, brand, talent attraction and retention, collaboration, workplace experience and feel, and more.  

 Lindström Bulgaria participated in the Best Employers 2022 survey, which was filled out by 94.4% of the total headcount of our team in Bulgaria. Our employee feedback is stacked against the best organisations in Kinsentric’s robust database – the strongest in the industry, with data from nearly 15 million employees and over 160 markets globally. Best Employers by Kincentric is Bulgaria’s most extensive employee opinion survey program with a significant local presence.   

What differentiates the best employers from the rest?  

Recent research identifies critical factors that differentiate the best employers. In the current environment of digitalisation, globalisation and talent shortages, four factors are becoming crucial for organisations to excel:  


  1. Employee Engagement – Employees speak positively about their employer, intend to stay and are motivated to exert extra effort at work.  
  1. Agility – Employees see that the organization is highly adaptive, innovative, inclusive and responsive to the changing needs of its customers.  
  1. Engaging Leadership – Leaders are deeply connected with employees to drive engagement, communicate a clear vision and exert strong personal values.  
  1. Talent Focus – Employees feel that the organization is highly focused on attracting and retaining talent and creating an inspirational environment where people can thrive.  

 The results of Lindström Bulgaria, with ratings given by our colleagues, rank us in the Bulgaria Top Quartile index in three of these four important categories.  

Ventzislav Boyadjiev, Managing Director Bulgaria

Ventzislav Boyadjiev, Managing Director Bulgaria, shares his thoughts on this gratifying moment as a leader.  

 ”I am sure that our results will help us to build better visibility of our brand through the local certification for the country. Lindström Bulgaria’s management team believe that being recognised as a Best Employer can positively influence employee morale, boost employee confidence and pride, as well as positively enhance our organisation’s reputation with customers, community, and potential employees. It strengthens our position to attract the best talents.   

We are very happy that our best scores were in dimensions of Career & Development, Engaging Leadership, Brand, Talent Focus, Agility, Diversity & Inclusion and Performance Management.   It means that our organisation actively supports the learning and development of its employees, managers provide the support needed to succeed, and recognise employees’ efforts and results. Senior leadership provides clear direction for the future and is open and transparent in communication. Our management team also recognised some areas for improvement from the survey results. We take it as extremely valuable feedback for future development.  

I want to thank all the employees in the Bulgarian Lindström organisation again for the active feedback they have provided us through this survey and to assure them that their opinion is of great importance to the company’s management team. I am also proud of the efforts made by the entire management team to obtain high results from our employees. I am sure that with such a cohesive and committed team, we will achieve even better results in the future and prove that the Best Employers build sustainable competitive business advantage.”  

 Team Bulgaria also celebrated a highly positive and successful Voice of Customers 2022 survey result, which goes on to show a positive correlation between employee satisfaction and Customer success.  

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