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Helping Amserv Auto become greener

Lindström has been providing Amserv Auto in Estonia with fresh floor mats and professional workwear for 20 years. In recent years, we have also ensured that Amserv Auto technicians always have clean, sustainably processed, industrial wipers on hand. 

According to Amserv Auto’s After-Sales Service Manager Mairo Romandi, their relationship with Lindström has lasted so long partly thanks to Lindström’s environmentally friendly approach: 

“Our cooperation with Lindström started with the desire to find a provider that would help us be more environmentally responsible. Of course, it’s also important for us that sustainable operations do not require unreasonable additional work from our employees or the involvement of new partners.” 

Romandi explains that “Lindström collects our used wipers once a week, which ensures that technicians always have clean wiping cloths on hand. With Lindström as our provider, we like the fact that our old wipers eventually end up being recycled and reused in another form, for example, as absorbent mats. We are very pleased that Lindström has constantly expanded its range of services in ways that make our operations greener.” 

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