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Why buy industrial wipers when you can rent?

When it comes to cleaning materials, industrial wipers can be an essential part of daily operations. Used across many industries, industrial cloths need to do the job and do it well. So, if your company uses industrial rags you may be wondering if buying them or renting them is the best option. Here we explore the benefits of an industrial wiper rental service compared to buying the materials.

Industrial wipers – why use a rental service?

Handling the dirty and hazardous materials that are present on industrial rags can be a challenge. Cleaning the wipers or using disposable ones also adds to the costs of running your business. Some of the main benefits of an industrial wiper service include:

  • Flexibility
  • Waste management
  • Cost-efficient
  • Flexibility

Setting up a rental service for industrial wipers and absorption mats allows you to choose the delivery schedule. There are certain times of the year that you will be much busier and have a higher requirement for clean rags. Having a company take care of this for you allows you to adapt and change the amount and frequency of deliveries. Any unexpected changes in production or workload can be taken into account when your next delivery is due.

Waste management

Taking care of waste management can be costly for any business. Disposable rags can add a lot to the overall waste your company generates. Using re-usable rags and mats means there is less waste that you need to have taken away. Industrial dirt, such as oil and other hazardous material, requires specialist treatment. The rental company will take care of everything for you. Materials and hazardous waste are handled according to strict safety and environmental guidelines.


Not only do you have reduced costs when it comes to waste, but renting industrial wipers is more cost-efficient than buying them. The volume of cleaning rags, absorption mats, and wipers can amount to a large initial investment. You will also have to replace any damaged rags as they wear out. Using an industrial wiper company to take care of this saves you money. All materials, containers, and deliveries are included in the price of a rental agreement. You know exactly what you are going to pay each month with no hidden costs.

Choosing the right industrial wiper rental service

You know your business best and will know exactly what type of wipers you need. You may be looking for mechanics rags, printing machine wipers, or manufacturing and engineering wipers. When looking at the best company for industrial wipers, make sure they have the products you need. The rental service you choose will also need to dispose of used rags responsibly.

When it comes to our clients, we have the experience they need when it comes to industrial wipers. We work with a variety of clients across many industries. Our service can provide you with the absorption mats and wipers you need. The collection and cleaning of the materials are handled according to the strictest safety regulations.

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