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Workwear Flex Service provides Sandvik with effortless workwear management

Sandvik is a global industrial group in the metal and mining industry. At its factory in Turku, Finland, where the manufacture of underground loading and transportation equipment takes place, the company needs a proper solution of workwear management that covers both occupational safety and the company brand image. Sandvik chose Lindström’s Workwear Flex Service, an easy and cost-efficient solution. The smart technology-based service handles the storage and care of the workwear, allowing Sandvik’s employees to simply walk into the workwear storage for instant access to suitable garments.

“Our employees do not need to request a specific size or other details. They just go in and select the garments that fit, then scan them at Lindström’s smart device. After use, the garments are scanned again.” explains Sandvik’s safety representative, Toni Mansikkaviita.

“Proper workwear management is crucial. It is both an important consideration in the safety of our employees and a part of our brand”, says Mia Ervasti who manages the acquisitions of Lindström’s products in Sandvik.

An effortless and intuitive service

Mia Ervasti, Manager of Products Acquisition & Toni Mansikkaviita, Safety Representative of Sandvik

The Workwear Flex Service is effortless and intuitive, which saves employees’ time when loaning and returning garments. It is not only a daily convenience for many employees, but also makes things easier for the safety representative at Sandvik.

“This has greatly eased my workload because I no longer need to order garments separately nor deliver or remove old garments”, Mansikkaviita says.

An apt solution for seasonal variation

Another important factor for Sandvik to choose Workwear Flex Service is cost-efficiency. Ervasti emphasizes that the service can benefit relatively large companies that require a lot of garments. It also makes workwear management much easier for companies with considerable seasonal fluctuation or many seasonal workers.
“Needing fewer garments brings our costs down, and having fewer garments out there is more sustainable”, Ervasti points out.

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