Code of Conduct

Lindström Code of Conduct

Lindström Code of Conduct

CEO’s statement

I am pleased to introduce our Code of Conduct, which consists of our global ethical principles governing how we operate our business and how we behave. At the heart of this documentation lies our purpose and our values. We are not merely providers of textile services – we are enablers of safer workplaces, enhancers of well-being, and partners in sustainable progress. Our purpose guides us to care for the planet and its people, while our values serve as our behavioural compass. The values are managed every day through our We Care culture by leaders and committed teams.

Within these documentations, we outline clear principles regarding ethical business behaviour, respect for the basic human rights of employees, and environmental practices. This is not a matter of choice. It is not to be compromised. We expect all our employees and suppliers to fully understand and comply with it. I extend my gratitude to each of you for taking a moment to delve into our Code of Conduct. Your commitment to these principles ensures that together, we foster an environment of integrity and accountability.

Juha Laurio
CEO, Lindström Group