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Industrial wiper service supports LänsiAuto in promoting sustainability

LänsiAuto Helsinki is a full-service car dealership in Herttoniemi in Helsinki. From Lindström, they acquire mats for the store, wipers and absorption mats, and overalls for the mechanics. 

“Our cooperation spans back at least two decades. When I started as a mechanic in 2002, the cooperation was already in place,” recalls Janne Kalliokoski, Head of the Car Repair shop. 

Easy and dependable service 

Janne Kalliokoski, Head of LänsiAuto Herttoniemi

About 40 cars go through service and 15 mechanics work at LänsiAuto every day. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the used overalls and wipers are replaced with clean ones weekly, while the used mats are recycled properly and responsibly. 

“There is a website for orders, which is very handy. Furthermore, we can make orders by phone if there are changes or urgent needs,” Kalliokoski adds. 

Sustainability is important 

According to Kalliokoski, mechanics prefer the washable fabric wipers, which are more durable and can be used for multiple purposes, unlike regular disposable cloths. Another preferred product is the absorption mat, due to its ability to soak up oil spills. 

“Sustainability is important to us. Washable and reusable wipers are a good choice because they produce less waste,” Kalliokoski shares, “We choose Lindström because it is easy, fast and reliable. The service enables us to save money on waste expenses and practise sustainability.” 

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