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Mats and hotel textiles for Wagenküll Castle Spa

Wagenküll Castle Spa, located in the scenic Taagepera village in Valgamaa county, in Estonia has been collaborating with Lindström already from 2018. The collaboration began with mat service, and renting hotel textiles and washroom services were added to it over the time.

The choice of service provider was easy for Wagenküll. “Several hotels suggested Lindström warmly, so we didn’t even consider contacting anyone else,” commented Maris Reimann, CEO of Wagenküll.

Easy choice for the customer

The Taagepera Castle complex includes a hotel, spa, restaurant, sports and leisure facilities. Additionally, there is also a seminar and conference centre.

“To provide all these services, we need a wide variety of textiles: towels, tablecloths, bathrobes, bed linen and the like. Unfortunately, the nearest laundromat is almost 100 km away. It would be very troublesome to regularly take all our textiles there for cleaning. Lindström solved this tedious logistics issue for us,” Reimann justified the need for Lindström’s services.

Meeting the high demands of hotel textiles

In addition to solving a practical problem, the use of Lindström’s services contributes to maintaining Wagenküll’s excellent reputation. “Thanks to Lindström, I can always be sure that our textiles are clean, smelling good and without any defects. This means that I have one big area less to worry about. I can focus on more important things like developing our service and ensuring customer and staff satisfaction,” commented the hotel’s CEO.

The use of the mat service also makes the work significantly easier for the hotel staff. “We have design mats with logos that make a good first impression on the visitor already when they enter. The mats are durable and of high quality. If something really happens to them, Lindström is responsible for replacing them. The mats are changed two or three times a week, so the cleaners have less work to do,” Reimann praised.

High praise for the collaboration with Lindström

Reimann recommends using Lindström’s services in all hotels and spas, but especially in those outside the big cities.

 “Lindström’s services save a lot of time and make the work of hotel staff easier and more efficient! The nice thing about all this is the people who work at Lindström, who really care about their customers and with whom it is always a pleasure to communicate,” Reimann advised.

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