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We Care culture inspires us to shine

Our people are the most valuable asset we have – and our values guide our actions daily. To support every employee, we aim to ensure the best possible working conditions and a caring culture for all of them. Our We Care culture is in everything we do: our development, our performance, our wellbeing, and how we treat people. We believe in the power of diversity and in fair employment for all. In 2020 we introduced the updated Code of Conduct for employees. So far, 75% have completed the eLearning course related to this. We also expect our suppliers and partners to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Caring includes prioritizing safety

Caring for our employees means also caring for their safety and wellbeing. We follow the ISO 45001 standard for health and safety management. In 2020, trainings were organized both on the global and local level. The topics covered were for example chemical safety, hygiene, and occupational risks. We also continued monthly safety walks as a good practice. Unfortunately, even though we aim for zero accidents, in 2020 we lost a colleague in a fatal traffic accident. Traffic and commutes are among the top causes for accidents, and we will be focusing on accident prevention during commutes. Our other focus area of accidents during production, which emphasizes machinery safety and the safe use of roll containers.

Taking extra care during the pandemic

Due to the pandemic, a global Corona coordination team was formed to develop and oversee best practices throughout our organization. Employees were encouraged to work remotely when possible, and laundry work shift changes were staggered to limit social contact. Additionally, guidance and support were offered to handle the changed situation. The focus was also given to improving ways of working, which led to an increased number of safety observations. As the pandemic continued, our third focus area in health and safety during 2021 was ensuring a safe working environment as well as business continuity.

Helping you to become the best you can be

All Lindströmers are valued for who they are. We want to support them to learn new things with us, and hopefully find their personal purpose. We recognize and reward people for doing a good job. To learn and succeed in our work, we emphasize proper target-setting, support, feedback, and coaching. Leading performance is our tool for understanding our company purpose and strategy even better. It makes it easier for our people to make strategy come alive through their actions.

In 2018, we launched our We Care leadership training to help our leaders to be more equipped to lead and inspire the performance of their fellow Lindströmers. 85% of our leaders have undergone the training and this supports them in inspiring others to find their way forward in the company.

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Our We Care culture is in everything we do: our development, our performance, our wellbeing and how we treat each people.
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