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Lindström Latvia awarded family-friendly workplace status

In the summer of 2022, Lindström Latvia was recognised as a ”family-friendly workplace” by the Foundation for Social Integration – a state programme run by the Government of Latvia. The programme recognises that strong families and family values make for a cohesive society. Within the programme’s framework, employers can apply for an assessment of their working environment and obtain a family-friendly workplace status. The programme observes the performance of the organisations in the following areas – employee development, adherence to legal requirements regarding families and children, health & safety in the workplace, employee well-being programmes, and charitable & social responsibility initiatives. Aleksandra Safonova, HR Partner, who leads and drives the employee engagement initiatives in Latvia, shares, ”We can attribute this recognition to our strategic and purposeful investments in culture, people and our mission. ” 

Doubling down on employee engagement  

Summer Team Event

Throughout the year, various events unite our colleagues and strengthen the sense of community at Lindström Latvia. From ”Bring Your Child to Work Day” to participating in the Riga Marathon together, there is a conscious intent in providing off-the-clock bonding time. At the Riga Color Run, employees are welcome to participate with their children every year. Most of the marathons sponsored by Lindström Latvia contribute to a charitable cause.  

Aleksandra Safonova, is convinced that a great employee experience is about balancing and fulfilling work and family responsibilities. Even small efforts to provide flexible work arrangements, like having child-friendly corners on work premises where kids can spend a few minutes while the parents wrap up a workday, can have strong positive outcomes for both employers and employees. We have had interviews where we welcomed the candidates with their kids. This way, they don’t have to worry about additional arrangements.”  

Children drawings collage from ‘Bring your child to work’ day

Established management systems fueled by internal and external audits regulate the health, safety and well-being of all employees at Lindström. Additionally, we abide by the local legal requirements regarding employee health and safety.  

We Care at Lindström Latvia  

The world is changing unexpectedly, but we commit to taking charge. When Latvia saw a surge in Ukrainian immigrants, Lindström initiated employee-led charity events and volunteer work. Our colleagues showed tremendous interest and high engagement levels to help with several means to provide relief to the refugees. Nine Ukrainian women who fled their country due to war found employment in our Prodem Latvia facility.  

Ivars Šmits, Managing Director, Lindström Latvia leading the volunteer work for Ukranian refugees

We are very proud of Lindström Latvia’s accomplishments as a community. Being recognised as a family-friendly workplace is not just about being able to come across as a more attractive employer. Safonova adds, ”It is a learning opportunity. It is also a chance for us to be a part of a knowledge nexus that works continuously towards building a more empathetic and inclusive workplace.” 

Lindström as an employer

As a work community, we value caring for other people and respecting everyone.

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