Lindström Group
Lindström Group

Learning from each other

One of Lindström’s values is ‘Enthusiasm and Joy of Learning’, as sharing information and learning is greatly valued at Lindström. All Lindströmers are encouraged to learn new things and also share their knowledge with their colleagues.

In 2020, our internal corporate university – Growth Academy – was developed further, and we introduced a more structured and holistic approach to learning at work. We identified five different streams for learning: sales & markets, operations, soft skills & leadership, growth development programs, service & product offering, and strategy. These streams collect the different learning opportunities that relate to a specific topic, from virtual training sessions and e-learning workshops to on-the-job learning workshops and face-to-face sessions.

The training sessions are organized by Lindströmers globally, and we encourage people who have the best knowledge of a specific topic to teach what they know to others. The feedback from the trainings and the overall approach has been good, with people eager to learn more and also to suggest additional topics that can be featured in Growth Academy. In 2020, more than 60 different training sessions and workshops with over 30 internal trainers were held.