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Lindströmers in figures

Lindström was founded in 1848 – meaning that the company has been around for 175 years. Our employees – or Lindströmers, as we like to call them – are the ones to thank for keeping the services running. They ensure that the right amount of clean textiles are always available for our customers whenever they may need them. Let’s take a closer look at who these Lindströmers are – according to the figures from 2023.

Lindström was founded in 1848
Lindströmers in 23 countries

There are slightly more than 4,700 Lindströmers spread out in 23 countries. 61% of our employees work in the production facilities. This means that they really put their backs and hands into it, to ensure that our customers receive clean textiles.  

Of our 4,700 employees, 61.8% are women and 38% men (0.2% have chosen not to declare their gender). The highest number of Lindströmers we have at the workplace – both men and women – is in Finland. There are 1,203 women and 726 men working in the country. The runner-up for women is China, and India for men.

With a clear majority, most of our sewers are women, 164 in total with this title. They mended garments and textiles over 4.8 million times in 2023, prolonging their use life significantly! There is also one man amongst them, so it is not a totally women-dominated field! Gender itself doesn’t really play a role at Lindström: everyone is appreciated as they see you as the person you are!

Lindströmers in gender distribution.

The most common title for our employees; women and men, is Textile Care Worker. In 2023, there were 1,903 people with this title. Also, did you know that our CEO Juha Laurio is not the only Juha in the company; he has 18 namesakes to run into at Lindström. Furthermore, not only our People System is called Linda, but there are also an additional 7 Linda’s working for Lindström in various positions.

The average Lindströmer is about 40.7 years old. Still, we have all the age groups covered, though the majority is Millennials (1,384 people in the age group 30-39) and Generation X (1,343 people in the age group 40-49). We have some Boomers and Zoomers, too!

Although the majority of Lindströmers are women, our Global Management Team still is quite male-orientated, with only 3 women in the team of 10. However, we have been improving on this topic, with the number of women as Line Managers reaching 219 in 2023. But let’s face it: there’s still work to be done.

Lindströmers in figures age distribution

Lindströmers in figures career length

Lindströmers are committed to the company and serving the customers. In 2023, the average length of service was 5.96 years, but there are 304 employees with a career reaching 20 years – or even longer! Astonishingly, there are 12 people in the company with 40 or more years as Lindströmers behind them – talk about commitment!

In 2023, the Lindströmer with the longest history within the company started their career here on 1 June 1978 – meaning that they celebrated their 45th work anniversary! Perhaps this person will reach the 46th work anniversary, too!

Lindströmers are a multicultural bunch – there are 70 nationalities represented throughout our 23 countries. In our laundries alone, there are 62 different nationalities represented – coming from as far as Cuba, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Kenya, Thailand, Myanmar and Nigeria. Even though these are not Lindström countries!  

All Lindströmers work to ensure the best possible customer experience for our 182,000 customers. We have customers in 23 countries, the latest addition to these countries being Austria in 2023. We do anything for the good of our customers!

Lindströmers in figures nationalities
Lindströmers in figures countries

The biggest number of Lindströmers are found in Finland, with 1,937 people. This is not that surprising given the fact that this is the country from which it all originates. The smallest unit in the company in 2023 was Kazakhstan, with only 11 employees. Rest assured; it is a small but fierce unit serving the customers with gusto! The biggest office – or location – determined by the number of people is in the group head office in Helsinki, Finland, with 337 employees in 2023.

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