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Insights from the Voice of Employee survey 

Employee engagement is on the rise!

At Lindström, Voice of Employee is something we measure annually. It is a comprehensive survey on employee experience, done at the end of the year. Additionally, we conduct a shorter pulse survey the following spring. In 2023, we saw a great improvement in the survey results.   

In 2022, we introduced a new approach to measuring employee engagement. Contrary to the previous Voice of Employees survey, where the employees were asked to give feedback on specific topics and statements, now they have a say on what are the most important and relevant topics for making them happy, satisfied and engaged at work. The survey conducted in November 2023 was thus the second time, when we did the survey utilising the new way.  

“We appreciate the insights, comments and concerns, shared by our employees. The Voice of Employees results serve as a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and social dialogue. It guides us towards a brighter future together and provides us concrete tools. With the insights we can improve for instance leadership, engagement and so forth. It is important to note that this feedback goes beyond mere numbers; it represents an ongoing conversation shaping our company’s We Care culture. It empowers every individual to be an integral part of our story,” comments Michaela Martin, SVP Human Resources.  

Voice of Employee results help us prioritise development activities  

In the Voice of Employees 2023 survey, the response rate was 75%. This means 4,043 employees participated in the survey – which was a remarkable improvement to the previous year (2022: 2,707). Overall employee satisfaction improved from 78 in 2022 to 81 in 2023. Employer Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measures the likelihood of recommending Lindström to a friend or a colleague. This metric improved from +20 to +34 on a scale from -100 to +100. We are making good progress but aim even higher: our target is to go over 40 by 2025.   

Our employees identified the top five factors considered the most meaningful. They were: fair salary and perks, worklife balance, equal treatment of employees, job security, and fair and competent immediate supervisors.  

When looking at how different factors were realised at work, Lindströmers gave the highest scores to job security, the working environment where you can be yourself, management and supervisors, worklife balance and strong camaraderie in the workplace.  

Most improvement was identified in salary and perks, worklife balance, and equal treatment of employees. Consequently, these will continue to be our Group-level focus areas in 2024. In addition, a new emerging meaningful factor for our employees was the opportunities for career advancement. The introduction of Linda, our new people management system, will heavily support the opportunities for this. Team-level action planning will be based on each team’s individual results.  

This impressive level of participation underscores our employees’ commitment to shaping our company’s future, reflecting a genuine passion for enhancing specific areas and the overall company environment. Each response contributes a valuable perspective, enriching the collective narrative of our workplace. Additionally, let’s acknowledge the rise in our eNPS score, and the overall surge in the overall engagement. These milestones are not just numerical metrics; they mirror our collective efforts to create a workplace where each member can thrive. Michaela Martin, SVP Human Resources  

In 2024, we will also pay more attention to attracting and retaining employees. Our employee turnover in 2023 decreased slightly and was 20% (23%). However, due to lack of workforce in the market, in some countries, there is an ongoing challenge in finding and retaining talent, especially textile care workers and sales staff.   

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