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Lindström services now also available in Austria

Lindström has opened its first branch office in Vienna and the first Austrian Lindströmers are already on board. A well-established service in the neighbouring countries provided an easy start to the service. In the first stage of development, the textiles will be maintained by the service centre in Trnava, Slovakia to ulitise the highly water- and energy-efficient laundry process, which also contributes to the cost-efficiency of the service.

“Many of our international customers in our neighbouring countries have wished to use the same reliable textile service in their Austrian branches. Our workwear, mat and industrial wiper services are now available to Austrian customers with local contact persons taking care of their needs,” notes Tomas Frimmel, the managing director of Lindström Slovakia, who has been pushing the market entry forward to answer customer demand.

Sustainable and transparent service is the key to success

Frimmel believes that the transparent and sustainable service is the key to success in the Austrian market: “Our service is transparent in many ways. Our digitalised workwear service provides customers with full visibility of the garments in the service cycle. Customers can follow in the online portal whether their garments are in use, in delivery, in the laundry or being repaired. Customers have also praised our transparent pricing as we don’t have any hidden costs; the weekly rental price includes everything.”

There is an increasing demand for eco-friendly products and services on the Austrian market, and Frimmel is convinced that pioneering sustainable solutions will provide great value for customers. In many countries, including neighbouring Slovakia, Lindström already recycles 100% of its textile waste, which is the goal of all its countries of operation within two years. The long-term goal is to reach net-zero emissions in the whole value chain.

“As far as I know, our environmental targets are the most ambitious in our industry. Our customers will get the same reliable service with half the carbon footprint by 2030. Meanwhile, I would also like to bring up our unique production-on-demand practice, which is a true showcase of improved customer experience, sustainability, and cost-efficiency,” Frimmel points out.

Prodems, the garment manufacturing facilities in Hungary, Latvia and India, serve the regions in their vicinity, producing a new garment within a few days of receiving an order. It enables a fast reaction to customer needs, but at the same time helps to reduce overproduction and textile waste.  As workwear is produced on demand, there are no unused garments in stocks nor capital tied up in the inventories.

“We want to offer the best value for money with our innovative and sustainable solutions. We have the resources and solid background of a 175-year-old global company. And we have a local crew that knows the market and its unique characteristics,” Frimmel sums up.

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Visit the website of Lindström Austria and find more information about our services in German and our local contact details.
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