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In conversation with Sirpa Honkonen

Sirpa Honkanen joined Lindström 42 years ago and currently works as a textile caretaker at Lindström’s Hämeenlinna site. Originally, Sirpa came to work as maternity leave substitute and was subsequently hired as a permanent employee. She started working at the packing site, handling garments delivered to customers. Over time, her responsibilities expanded to include tasks such as quality checks on the company’s products as well as sewing repairs.

The cutting, packing and writing of addresses were all done by hand, as was the check count of the clothes. Today, most of the work is automated with robots folding most of the products and all packages go through the reader, to be included into the system, and address labels are printed from the system for deliveries.

“I can take part in discussions about everything at Lindström and people listen to me”

According to Sirpa, the manager-subordinate relationship at Lindström works exceptionally well. Sirpa feels heard and appreciated in her work environment. Succeeding at work motivates Sirpa tremendously to become even better at what she does. Colleagues are another big source of motivation in her daily work. Sirpa values the ability to discuss both work-related matters and personal issues with her coworkers, fostering a supportive working environment over the years.

Appreciation at work

Lindström’s commitment to environmental responsibility resonates with Sirpa’s personal values. Agreed procedures and conduct have always been adhered to. Sirpa feels that this plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere of trust. Daily goals have helped make work even more meaningful and goal-oriented. Sirpa considers herself a conscientious employee who thrives in a company like Lindström.

“Lindström appreciates and values everyone regardless of anyone’s background”

Ethics have always played an extensive part in Lindström’s activities. The company appreciates and values every individual, regardless of their background. A commitment to treating everyone equally is deeply ingrained in the company culture. Information flow has consistently been efficient, and various courses and development opportunities are readily available.

Opportunities for career advancement exist within Lindström. For instance, apprenticeships provide a pathway for employees to continue their journey within the company. By making training accessible to all employees, Lindström empowers them to enhance their skills and progress according to their aspirations.

Spirited attitude as a key factor

According to Sirpa, a spirited attitude, a desire for learning, and compliance with mutually agreed-upon rules are some of the cornerstones of working at Lindström. Depending on the job description, different skills help you succeed at work, but the biggest foundation mentioned above is even more valuable than gold when working for a company.

“Over the years, I have learned how to take it easy.”

Over the years, Sirpa has encountered exceptional colleagues and supervisors. Her worthwhile advice is rooted in empathy: “No matter the issue, try to see it from both sides. Understanding the bigger picture and considering opposing arguments can lead to effective solutions. Sometimes, putting yourself in another person’s shoes is the key.

Who: Sirpa Honkanen
Role at Lindström: Textile care worker
Location: Hämeenlinna, Finland
Outside of Office: In her free time, Honkanen loves relaxing.

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