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In conversation with Ramunė Kudzmanienė

Enchanted by customers

Ramunė Kudzmanienė joined Lindström 25 years ago and currently works as a key account manager. In her role, she takes special care of their customers, and during sales projects, the most fascinating aspect is getting to know new people and understanding their needs better. She has maintained long-lasting and healthy customer relationships with some of the customers in her portfolio, who have been collaborating with Lindström for 25 years.

Lindström offers various services, such as workwear, mats, industrial wipers, and hygiene solutions. Kudzmanienė works with potential customers to see if Lindström’s services match their needs and preferences. She enjoys seeing how their customers like getting clean clothes and are pleased with their service. In the last 25 years, more people have seen the advantages of workwear rental.

Ramunė Kudzmanienė joined Lindström 25 years ago.

We Care culture at its best

“We are quite a big team with a great manager.”

Kudzmanienė works with a Lithuanian sales team in different cities. They deal with various customers, meet often, and help each other on different projects. She praises their great manager Renata Kasparavičienė for looking after the team well. The team has 7 key account managers and 3 account representatives who cooperate to reach their targets.

“One of the most crucial aspects for me is the ‘We Care’ culture at Lindström.”

Lindström’s customers are not the only ones who benefit from the ‘We Care’ culture; it also covers the welfare of the company’s employees. Kudzmanienė says that people truly sense that the company values their interests. They feel at ease raising any queries or issues, because of the transparent and proactive attitude of Lindström’s managers.

Introducing workwear rental to customers

“It’s rewarding to get positive feedback from businesses after renting our services for a few years.”

One of the most rewarding parts of Kudzmanienė’s job is introducing a new client to the concept of renting workwear, and then witnessing how their attitude towards it changes. She enjoys getting feedback from clients who, after using the rental service for a few years, are happy with it. Renting workwear provides sustainability and convenience, which are essential factors for businesses in today’s market. Kudzmanienė handles a range of companies, some of whom have switched to rental services and would not go back to their old ways.

Reaching work-life balance

“Lindström has a family-like atmosphere, even though it operates globally as a company.”

Kudzmanienė says the company feels like a family even though it has locations worldwide. The company respects all employees, from account executives to laundry workers. Everyone can grow and learn new skills. People can easily contact others in different countries or find new solutions. Lindström has made many changes that have helped everyone grow over the years.

“Working at Lindström has taught me how to achieve balance.”

Kudzmanienė likes doing activities like yoga and reading books when she has some spare time. She values the time she spends with her family and friends. Having a balance between work and personal life is important for keeping her energy up in both areas. Getting good sleep is essential for her to stay productive at work.

Lindström has always valued sustainability a lot.

From the beginning, environmental issues have been incorporated into the company’s strategy. Lindström strives for sustainability and constant improvement in all their activities. They improve not only their work processes and service delivery but also help their customers to adopt sustainable practices. Ramunė Kudzmanienė has the following tip to share: It is important to find balance not only between work and leisure time but also within oneself. How we think about work and ourselves helps us improve our mood and move forward.

Who: Ramunė Kudzmanienė
Role at Lindström: Key Account Manager
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Outside of Office: In her free time, Kudzmanienė loves playing sports and reading as well as spending time with her family and friends.

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