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Welcoming Linda, the new people information system 

In early 2023, we took a leap forward in strengthening our ability to support our employees throughout the company with the introduction of Linda, our new people information system (HRIS).  

Linda is the backbone of our HR operations, enabling us to streamline and automate various processes, enhance people’s data accuracy, and provide valuable insights to drive better decision-making. In addition, it will be something even more, a dependable companion for each Lindströmer, enhancing their employee engagement, performance, and development – all in one go.  

“Linda empowers us to do so much more by streamlining time-consuming administrative and HR-related tasks, including employee onboarding, learning registrations and tracking, headcount reporting, performance evaluations, and various other processes. This efficiency boost will liberate precious time for our HR team, enabling them to dedicate their efforts to strategic initiatives and deliver enhanced support to our managers, teams, and employees. With Linda, we now have a tool to provide standardised HR processes and enable seamless collaboration among our teams in different regions,” shares Michaela Martin, SVP of Human Resources.  

Linda allows you to take control of your Lindström journey 

With Linda, gone are the days of waiting for HR updates. Linda puts the power in Lindströmers’ own hands, allowing each employee to update their own information and profiles effortlessly. Whether it is related to education, work experience, or personal information, the person now has control over their professional narrative. 

The new Performance and Development module will both ease and revolutionise our Leading Performance process. This module simplifies and streamlines the approach by providing a centralised platform for Lindströmers to set goals, track progress, and conduct meaningful performance evaluations and development discussions.  

“Embracing a culture of continuous feedback, the module facilitates regular performance and development discussions, aligning individual and team goals with the company’s overarching objectives. Through proactive identification and development, we aim to nurture our future leaders, creating individual development plans and tracking progress. It supports us in talent review and succession planning but also initiates targeted development initiatives. It supports us in our effort to foster future leaders ready to steer the organisation towards continued success,” explains Helena Loncar, Head of Talent and Culture at Lindström. 

Development continues – new features introduced in early 2024 

While Linda’s current features are impressive, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. Throughout 2023, the dedicated project team has been rolling out new features. One significant addition, scheduled for early 2024, is a state-of-the-art learning management system. This enhancement will support individual learning journeys, promising a smoother experience for online learning. 

“Linda will make setting individual and team goals so much easier, and will do the same for creating personal development plans, signing up for courses, and completing eLearnings – and all within a user-friendly platform. With Linda, we can say farewell to spreadsheets and welcome a more intuitive system, enhancing each employee’s journey within the company,” adds Helena Loncar.  

“Linda is not just a tool. It’s a manifestation of our commitment to improving each Lindströmer’s employee experience. We want to see our people shine, and we can support them even better with Linda. We named it Linda because we wanted to make it simple and memorable for all. Still, in some sense, I hope that in time, people will start to see Linda as something more than just a support system or a tool, more like a colleague, always by their side throughout their employee journey,” Martin illustrates.  

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