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In conversation with Ondrej Cerný

Among the greatest in the game

“Lindström is a great employer that provides opportunities for everybody.”

Ondrej Cerný joined Lindström in 2015 and has since risen to the role of customer service manager for the Czech Republic and Germany. Based in the Czech Republic, Ondrej leads a diverse team of 17 members, balancing customer service, support, and overall customer satisfaction.

Ondrej’s career at Lindström is a testament to the opportunities available within the company. Starting as a sales representative, he has climbed the ranks over the course of nine years, embodying the company’s commitment to professional growth. His journey began right after high school when a setback in his educational plans led him to Lindström, where he was drawn in by the dynamic sales representative role.

Never a dull moment

“The most enjoyable aspect of my job is its versatility.”

Ondrej relishes the variety his job offers. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, from interacting with different customers to managing diverse projects. His team, comprising both seasoned veterans and fresh recruits, presents a unique management challenge that has honed his leadership skills.

Honesty, honor and integrity

“I like the Finnish working style a lot.”

The Finnish work culture at Lindström, characterised by transparency, honesty, and openness, has had a significant positive influence on Ondrej. He appreciates the negotiation-driven approach to problem-solving and the friendly, supportive environment that contrasts with his experiences in Czech companies. This culture fosters a work environment where both customer value and employee support are paramount.

The blessing of balance

“On some days, work-life balance requires more effort, but in general it’s pretty great.”

Balancing work with personal life can be challenging, but Lindström’s flexible work environment allows Ondrej to pursue his passion for sports, including running, cycling, and football. On busier days, he adjusts his schedule to ensure he can still enjoy his hobbies, underscoring the company’s commitment to work-life balance.

Who: Ondrej Cerný
Role at Lindström: Customer service manager for the Czech Republic and Germany
Location: Czech Republic
Outside of Office: In his free time, Ondrej loves taking part in sports such as running, cycling and football.

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