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In conversation with Pei Zhang

Growing up in Lindström

This is a story of Pei Zhang. Pei has been working diligently as a Textile Care Worker at Lindström’s Suzhou plant in China for over a decade.

‘I chose to join – and stay – at Lindström thirteen years ago because I really like the We Care culture here.’

In July 2010, Pei Zhang joined Lindström and became a member of the production department. She was assigned to the clothing sorting position on her first day at work in the laundry. The weather in July was very hot, and she felt tired every day. According to her memories, this was the most challenging time, and she struggled to adapt to the new environment. The concern of her colleagues and the encouragement of the leadership helped her integrate quickly. It also strengthened her determination to stay.

The company gives every employee an equal opportunity and a platform to grow, and I have learned and grown a lot in the process.
Picture of Pei Zhang at work

Teamwork and We Care culture

‘I am very thankful to James Wang and Daisy Wu. They explained the operation process and precautions on the work to me during that time. Also, they encouraged me and supported me, no matter what. They showed and let me feel the warmth of the big family of Lindström, thanks to their company in the most difficult time of my work.’

This is now Pei Zhang’s thirteenth year at Lindström – and counting. She has grown from a newcomer to a ‘generalist’. Pei was selected as the Outstanding Employee of the Year in 2021. She works well in sorting, folding, packaging, fitting, delivery, on-site service, and other positions.

‘When I first joined the company, I learned about Lindström: the corporate culture of We Care. I have learned it even more vividly in my subsequent work. The working environment is constantly improving. The diversified employee training has enabled me to learn and grow well in my work. Colleagues in other departments of the company are also very friendly, always willing to share their work experience, helpful and communicative, bringing me a lot of positive workplace energy.’

Favourite part of the job

Regarding Pei Zhang’s favourite part of the job over the past ten years, she immediately said she liked the packing position the most. Watching a piece of clean, neatly folded work clothes being packed and sent to the shipping area is an outstanding achievement every time! This is at the core of Lindström and noted in our company’s purpose. That is, a textile service company focused on making our customer’s life easier. Every day, we strengthen the image of our customers.

In China, Lindström has plants in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Wuhan. We serve many customers in the pharmaceutical, medical, food, electronics, chemical, automotive, and machinery manufacturing industries. Our services include workwear from design, production, fitting, and cleaning to maintenance, delivery, inventory management, and locker services. As a “senior” employee, I feel that every day we work here is full of positive energy, welcome to know and join this loving family!

What do you think your job brings to our customers?

As a Textile Care Workers, our job is just one part of the company’s service process, but it’s one of the most important. Sorting, washing, mending, packing, and so on, we carefully wash and check each piece of work clothes until each piece of clean clothes is delivered to customers. I think what we bring to our customers is not only a piece of clean work clothes but also a piece of comfort and safety so that they have an excellent mood for the day from the start!

‘Looking back, in the past 13 years there has also been hard work, sweat, and joy. Sure, there have been some setbacks, but we will never give up. After overcoming the problem of pride, we can move forward. All of this is hard-won, but also, with the company’s common growth experience, I believe that this will be the wealth of my life! Thank you for giving me the space and platform to grow. In the future, I hope to be enthusiastic about work, be down-to-earth, do my job, and follow the company together to the farther ahead!’

Who: Pei Zhang
Role at Lindström: Textile Care Worker
Location: Suzhou, China
Outside of Office: Pei Zhang is outdoorsy and likes cycling the most. She says cycling not only allows her to relax but also to enjoy the scenery along the way.

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