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Safe working culture

Developing preventive occupational safety doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to mature from just reporting accidents to genuine caring, in which accidents are willingly prevented so that nobody hurts themselves. We have realised that each of our facilities will have to walk this path themselves to internalize the importance of the safety culture.

Our challenges are the different ways of registering accidents in different countries and cultures, which results in an inability to compare the accident figures among subsidiaries. By developing the reporting, we have noted that the distribution of accidents can be very similar between countries, and the biggest difference lies in the local safety culture and its maturity.

‘In India, we have taken brisk steps on our safety path and enhanced the monitoring and reporting of safety risks. Occupational safety is largely about management and we wanted to focus especially on supervisory work so that supervisors would be an example of safe work, ‘ says Production Manager Pranab Mazumdar from Lindström’s Delhi Business Unit.

‘We also wanted to improve worker awareness through training and campaigns. For example, we organized a road safety campaign to remind our workers that it is important to keep safety in mind whilst commuting to work as well. ‘