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Hygienic clothing ensures proper sanitation in food production

Sanitary and hygienic clothing in food production facilities has never been more important. Post-pandemic people have naturally become increasingly concerned about the hygiene aspects of the food supply.

The food production industry has ramped up its stringent hygiene measures. Thorough hand washing, following safe food practices and regularly wiping down surfaces were already the norm in the food sector. However, these measures have been increased to stop the potential spread of viruses and bacteria, post Covid-19.

Continuing to supply hygienic clothing garments for food production

At Lindström, we are proud to supply our customers in the food production industry continuously. We provide the most hygienically clean work uniforms and wipes for label and container makers.

When it comes to washing catering uniforms used in the process of making food, some people still presume that a spin in the washing machine will leave them looking fresh and clean. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as washing machines only remove visible dirt. By using our reliable and robust rental and laundry service, companies in food production can ensure fully sanitary uniforms. Our process removes hidden dirt, bacteria and other pathogens that are often present in food environments.

We disinfect textiles during the washing process and handle them according to our hygiene principles. Our processes are based on microbiological cleanliness management (in accordance with EN 14065). We guarantee hygienic results either by thermal or chemical disinfection.

At Lindström, we don’t just wash your clothes. We make sure they are hygienically clean and comply with the latest hygiene regulations.

Helping customers to meet demand

As a company, we have stepped up to help our customers meet demand. With many food companies increasing production, we have been on call to increase the number of trousers, shirts, and aprons required by firms to fulfil their duties. We are extremely proud of our delivery drivers and those working in production. They are maintaining our high levels of service.

We have comprehensive hygiene guidelines for all staff. It includes hand hygiene, properly targeted and used protective equipment such as gloves, work clothing, and possible respiratory protection. We follow local government communications to keep our travel, remote work, and telecommuting policies up to date.

Employees do not have to worry about contamination in the delivery process. The bags we use to carry our textiles are also thoroughly washed with disinfectant.

We have also ensured our clients have enough wipes to keep their surfaces clean and provided them with a range of up-to-date products.

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