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Is renting workwear a good option for my business?

Workwear matters. High-quality garments empower employees to succeed at their tasks, providing safety and job satisfaction. It makes them feel like everyday superheroes. Every business needs superheroes that are skilled, loyal and passionate about their work. It only takes one superhero to save the world. 

Just think what a team of hundreds or thousands of superheroes could do? Fitting, clean and identical workwear gives your employees a feeling of togetherness, strengthening their professional identity and the company image. How can you turn your employees into superheroes that deliver 100% every day? 

What about managers? What does workwear mean for them? In many cases, it means a headache. It’s not easy to make sure your employees feel like superheroes with so many things to take care of! Owning workwear alone is a considerable investment for the company. On top of that, managers have to maintain the garments: there must be sizes to fit every employee and workwear has to be clean and safe. And who takes care of the wear and tear? 

So, what is the best way to turn every employee into a superhero? Is it better to manage workwear in-house or to use a rental service? Here are some key points to consider when making that decision: 

1.  Time spent on workwear distribution 

How long does it take Superman to change into his suit? A second! 

What about your everyday superheroes? Distributing clean workwear among employees can be a time-consuming task. You can save significant time if employees get clean workwear delivered to their lockers automatically. Moreover, as new employees join the company, it’s important to have workwear available for them immediately. Having to wait for workwear is time (and money) wasted. 

2. Building workwear logistics infrastructure 

Think of Batman, does he have to consider logistics? Does he spend time thinking what transport to use to get to the crime scene? Of course not! He has the Batmobile readily available at all times and fully equipped with everything a real hero needs. 

What about the delivery of fresh workwear to your employees? Does this process run as smoothly? Let’s say you cooperate with an external laundry to handle washing. This means there should be a delivery system in place and a person, or even a department, responsible for distributing workwear among employees and making sure each piece of clothing reaches its owner. There are also additional costs, such as storage and repair of workwear. 

All these processes are outsourced when renting workwear. The service provider has the entire logistics infrastructure in place and thousands of fully equipped vehicles (Batmobiles!) to handle delivery. This allows you to avoid significant investment in logistics optimisation. For example, the food production company Mondelez International utilises the logistics infrastructure of a workwear rental service to provide their employees with clean workwear every day at five plants across India. 

3.   Keeping workwear safe and clean 

A superhero’s life is full of dangers. Wearing a suit that is not protective enough is a luxury superheroes can’t afford. 

The same applies to your employees. Safety and hygiene regulations aren’t something you can ignore, especially if you are operating in an industry with strict safety or hygiene regulations. For example, companies working in welding or pharma are forced to comply with numerous standards of workwear maintenance. 

Maintaining garments according to these industries’ regulations while managing workwear in-house requires significant investment and well-coordinated processes. Having outsourced professionals taking care of your workwear service helps you make sure that garments comply with all regulations. 

4.   Keeping up with employee turnover 

Can you imagine Superman wearing a suit that is two sizes too large? Of course not! Having long dangling sleeves wouldn’t really help him fight crime! 

The same applies to your employees. For them to deliver great results, their workwear should be comfortable and fit well. This can be challenging if you have a high employee turnover rate. If a company owns workwear, changes in the workforce can create challenges, as not all employees are the same shape and size. When your company uses workwear rental services, you can be certain that there will always be workwear that fits for everyone! 

5.   Unified level of service across markets 

For superheroes to work as a team, they need to have a feeling of togetherness. 

Companies operating globally have internal safety and hygiene standards. Meeting these standards across all markets can cause a lot of challenges for local managers in the company. Having a trustworthy global workwear service provider as a partner helps tremendously –managers can rest assured that all operations run smoothly. 

We hope you will find the workwear solution that suits your company best. In the end, it’s all about helping your employees to do their best for the company. It’s all about the everyday superheroes. 

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