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Our Code of Conduct guides our actions every day

Lindström’s values and mission guide all our decision-making and operations. Ethics is an important part of Lindström’s values, and we expect all our employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors to act according to Lindström’s Code of Conduct in their daily work.

“The Lindström Code of Conduct is one of the ways we put our values into practice. Our Code of Conduct tells us how we behave and act in a value-based manner, and based on our We Care culture in all situations. It states how we act with our suppliers and our customers – and how we take care of one another. We follow these guidelines on a daily basis and expect those providing services to us to also comply with these Code of Conduct guidelines,” explains Harri Puputti, Director of Quality & Compliance.

The Lindström Code of Conduct covers four areas: ethical business behaviour, respect for the basic human rights of employees, environmental practices, and supply chain. You can read the full Code of Conduct here.

“We have put a lot of emphasis into building the We Care culture, the culture of caring and responsibility. It is built with each action our people take; however, the wrong move or action can undermine the good work of others. But sometimes, caring also requires actions that are not the easiest to carry out, like telling someone how they could improve or informing those in leadership positions of possible misconduct. Therefore, we have the Whistleblow practices in place to ensure that possible wrongdoing or behaviour not in line with our Code of Conduct are brought up in a timely manner such that they can be remedied or even resolved as soon as possible,” Puputti continues.

The Whistleblow practices have now been updated to comply with the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive.

“The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive is to be taken into use in companies with more than 250 employees by December 2021. Primarily, we encourage everyone to take up possible issues with their own line managers or contact people at Lindström, but also at times, other means are needed. We have had a whistleblower process in place for a few years already, but now we have also made some improvements to our Whistleblow procedure to ensure that reporting any deviances from our Code of Conduct is as easy and secure as possible. This of course also supports us in making the handling process even better and quicker than it has been in the past,” Puputti shares.

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