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Mobile tool accelerates occupational safety observations

Positive results are achieved through the commitment of all employees to a safe working environment.

Our mobile tool, launched at the beginning of 2023, has proven to be an excellent instrument for making occupational safety observations. Thanks to this innovative approach, we have achieved significant results that strongly support the promotion of occupational safety throughout our organisation.

“The number of mobile observations has grown a staggering 166%, indicating that our employees have actively embraced this new method. Particularly gratifying is that the proportion of mobile observations among all safety reports has exceeded 35%, highlighting the tool’s efficiency and widespread use within our organisation,” commented Harri Puputti, Director, Quality & Compliance.

In 2023, there were 4,990 observations, averaging 1.05 observations per employee. Compared to the year 2022 (3,880), there was a 28% increase in the number of observations. Approximately 37% of the observations were made via mobile, and this year’s goal is to achieve 50%.

Management commitment drives success in occupational safety

In China and India, employees have been successfully motivated to make safety observations, and the results have been highly encouraging. We have even surpassed our set targets significantly, demonstrating our employees’ and leaders’ commitment to occupational safety.

“We are proud of how our entire organisation has embraced the mobile tool. Occupational safety is of paramount importance to us, and we are delighted to see tangible results,” commented Dennis Chan, Managing Director for China.

Following the leadership example, it has become easier for employees to contribute to maintaining a safe working environment. In addition to using the mobile tool, observations can still be made through traditional means, using pen and paper, by reporting both positive and negative safety observations to their immediate supervisors.

“Since we got QR codes at work, everything’s been easier. They help us quickly check info about things, people, and safety. It’s not just about work – QR codes make it simple for us to look out for each other, to create the safety observations on the go,” comments Kuldeep Singh, a textile care worker at Workwear laundry in Pahchkula, India.

Occupational safety is a long-term commitment

Persistent efforts and continuous investment in occupational safety across different levels of the organisation have yielded visible results.

“The growth in occupational safety observations in Finland has required persistent commitment and systematic effort. Regular events, joint meetings, and a yearly calendar guide activities promote unity and the sharing of best practices. Coordinated training sessions and collaboration with HR enhance perspectives, and the comprehensive commitment has driven the growth in safety observations across the country.” commented Reija Haikama, who is one of the key people for health and safety in Finland.

“Our mobile tool has clearly proven to be a success, reflecting our organisation’s strong commitment to occupational safety. Leadership support, persistent efforts, and the always available mobile tool have collectively generated positive developments in making occupational safety observations. In the future, we will continue in the same direction, encouraging all our employees to participate in advancing occupational safety”, concludes Puputti.

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