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Boosting health & safety culture with ISO 45001

The Health & Safety of our employees is at the core of Lindström’s We Care culture and embedded in our daily practices. As work constitutes a considerable part of people’s lives, we want to ensure our employees aren’t at any risk at work. Whether our day job happens behind a desk or standing on our feet, a safe work environment ensures we all get home to our loved ones when the day ends.

Reinforcing the ‘We Care’ culture  

In 2022, we re-examined our health & safety operations and way of working and acquired ISO 45001 certification which specifies the occupational health & safety management system requirements for all Lindström operating sites globally.  We understand that driving a culture of safety excellence requires that each of us is equipped to be accountable for our own safety and that of those around us. Health & Safety at Lindström is underpinned by our We Care culture, which promotes looking out for each other in many ways.  

Ilona Laine, who is involved in the health & safety initiatives globally at Lindström, shares, ”We design our safety initiatives to be about developing, learning and capacity building. Our aim is to integrate safety continuously into all business processes and create effective engagement with people at all levels. Acquiring ISO 45001 is, in a way, a formalisation of our ‘We Care’ culture. ” 

Continuous Improvement 

Additionally, the ISO 45001 certificate guides us on various levels of occupational health & safety issues. From establishing, implementing and maintaining the health & safety management system to identifying the system deficiencies, the certificate lays a strong foundation for continuous development in the area.  

Harri Puputti, Director of Quality & Compliance and the lead for the health & safety function in the company asserts, ”We drive health and safety at Lindström through demonstrated leadership and an integrated management approach, focusing on people, processes, systems, facilities, cultural dynamics and technology. Engaging and involving colleagues globally to spread awareness of a safe and healthy work environment is a continuous effort.”  

Harri further elaborates that the health and safety function is committed to adopting practices that promote better ergonomics, well-being, mental health and greater safety at Lindström. Reoccurring scheduled inspections, ad-hoc inspections, safety observations, incident reporting, safety walks and awareness campaigns are some of the drivers that help maintain a safe work environment for all. 

Acquiring ISO 45001 ensures that we build a systematic approach to identifying health & safety opportunities and addressing management system nonconformities. We aim to continuously improve and develop our practices by increasing and deepening training, monitoring working conditions and spreading safety-first awareness. 

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