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In conversation with George Zhao

Lindström invests in and cares about its employees

George Zhao (Guangxing Zhao), Global Sourcing Manager in China, has been with Lindström since January 2005. He started out doing sourcing and procurement preparation work, as well as assisting in the market survey for Lindström, starting the workwear rental business in China.

Before his current role, he was the Head of Procurement for China until 2021, when he became the Global Sourcing Manager. His tasks include supporting the corporate purchasing team and local business needs in China in the whole supply chain: materials and product sourcing, supplier sourcing and management, quality, and cost control. Zhao currently has two people working in his team, one in Prodem planning and sourcing, and another in quality control.

“As a member of the corporate team, I enjoy taking part in supply chain management and making sure that all of our targets pertaining to the required quality level, price and delivery time of all of our orders are reached.”

Lindström started purchasing workwear in China in 2005 for Europe business use. A year later, the company started the workwear rental business in China and now has eight business units. Lindström has steadily established business policies/principles and invested in creating a great working environment for everyone in China. The company has a good reputation in China in many respects. The China procurement team collaborates with many parties, including local and head offices. Working at Lindström involves a lot of details and new things. Daily communications, both internal and external, are a large part of the job.

Prior experience provides a great foundation

“The large demand for workwear came as a surprise”

Zhao was originally headhunted in November 2004 for an interview to work for Lindström. In the interview process, Zhao was also intrigued by Lindström’s growth from the Nordics to China and other regions of Asia. Zhao’s previous work experience as well as previous studies in the textile industry helped him a lot when he began working for Lindström. He experienced the material and workwear categories’ expansion and the large demand for workwear came as a surprise. 

“You can always learn something new”

His tasks foster his career development and have enabled him to acquire new skills such as cost control, supply chain evaluation, risk management, and new sourcing. Zhao spent some time working in the UK from 2000 to 2002, which helped him improve his language skills and work in a diverse cultural setting in a European company. Each project involves collaboration, which has broadened his knowledge even more. Every day at Lindström brings new things to learn and enriches your skill set and personal portfolio.

The well-being of the environment as a driving factor

“Lindström is taking care of the environment more and more every day”

According to Zhao, Lindström takes steps to up their game target every day regarding sustainable development and environmental issues. Sustainable procurement also means the materials used for workwear are made of recycled materials and reduce emissions and energy consumption in the supply chain, all of which are big parts of the environmental thinking at Lindström.

“Caring for and treating each other fairly is crucial”

A positive work environment depends greatly on how friendly and respectful people are to each other. No matter what one’s role is, everyone should be treated fairly and equally at work. Zhao highlights this as a key factor for his team. Zhao also appreciates the work-life balance at Lindström, which allows him to have time for sports, both watching and practising them. A good work-life balance also boosts productivity at work. Learning from each other and caring for others is crucial, since now  we live in a globalised society.


Who: George Zhao
Role at Lindström: Global Sourcing Manager for the Lindstrom Group
Location: Shanghai, China
Outside of Office: In his free time, George loves taking part in and watching different sports.

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