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In conversation with Anita Horváth

Anita Horváth, operates as invoicing specialist in Lindström’s head office in Finland. Welcome to get to know Anita better with us. 

To kick things off, could you tell us a little about yourself, Anita?  

I am from Hungary and my journey with Lindström began 15 years ago. My twin boys were still quite young back then, and working while also raising two little ones wasn’t easy. Especially serving in a function like finance that has very strict deadlines. I am glad that I overcame the challenging initial years and now my boys are 20 years old. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my dog Bodza, my friends and my family. I enjoy the outdoors and nature and a good read every now and then. 

How would you describe your path to Lindström and the journey so far?  

I first came across Lindström many years ago. A classmate mentioned that her mother was working for the company, so I got interested and applied for a job here. I strongly feel one’s origin marks the way they see, feel, and share life. Hungarians are a bunch of cheerful, family-oriented, hard-working, warm, and friendly people. We built a very close-knit team in Hungary. We started traditions like organising family days where we got to meet the loved ones of our colleagues. The past 15 years at Lindström have been about becoming my best self as a professional, supporting my team members’ needs. 

What is your favourite part of the job?  

It is hard to put a finger on my favourite part. Like most people, I don’t like monotony in my work. I look forward to a good challenge now and then. Currently, my work requires me to keep up with Hungarian legislation, which is a constant source of learning. I take pride in the fact that we are aware of the impact of our activities on all levels, whether social, financial, or environmental. The company operates fairly, complies with laws, regulations, and respects local culture. 

Anita Horváth has enjoyed learning and defeating challenges at Lindström.

Tell us about a recent challenging experience or a learning challenge? 

My move to Finland must be the most significant learning challenge to date. I was offered a new position at Lindström and taking that also meant relocating to Finland. I’ve been working here in Helsinki since May as Covid-19 delayed my move for almost a year. I am deeply thankful to my supervisor Kirsi Caven, as well as Maria Aalto, for their unlimited support in this transition. They have always supported me professionally and even with navigating the novelty of expat life in Finland. In addition, the move came with learning new ways of life. It was a relief that I could count on my colleagues for help. My move to Finland has given me a new vantage point to see things from a broader perspective and learn to adapt to new things. For instance, I try to learn conversational Finnish every day. I have also started expecting and looking for mobile apps for every small thing – as that’s how it’s done in Finland. 

What would be the one thing you would like to share about Lindström with people who may not know the company so well? 

I think Lindström is a perfect employer for someone interested in constant learning and development. If you’re looking for a meaningful career, Lindström is the place to be. It’s a fair and responsible employer with opportunities that can take you places! 

This story with Anita Horváth is part of a series of career stories built on conversations, ideas and the Lindström community. With a mission to celebrate our colleagues and draw inspiration, this series is dedicated to shedding light on the stories of Lindströmers around the world, in various positions, teams and countries, celebrating the diversity of our people. At Lindström, we value and support everyone in their aspiration to become the best they can be. 

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