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10 reasons why renting hospital clothes is the best option

Hygienic and comfortable hospital clothes and other healthcare textiles are an absolute requirement in the healthcare industry. It is also time-, money- and energy-consuming process for hospitals and medical clinics to manage and maintain in-house.

Renting hospital clothes and healthcare textiles for patients and personnel enables the top management of healthcare organisations to work efficiently. They can focus on and shine in their core business – excellence in patient care. The textile rentenance services (rental + maintenance) will take care of the end-to-end process of sourcing, sizing & fitting, transportation, laundry, repairs & maintenance, storage, and the disposal of textiles. The comprehensive one-stop-shop of textile rental services takes care not only of doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms but also medical scrubs, linen, patient wear, mats, and washroom solutions.

Here are 10 reasons why healthcare operators need a rental textile partner for hospital clothes and textiles:

  1.  To ensure the safety and comfort of your personnel in everyday operations 

It brings peace of mind to healthcare companies’ top management when their medical personnel and patients feel safe and comfortable. We provide hygienically clean, sustainable garments and accessories specially tailored for them. Lightweight, breathable textiles like Lindström’s enhance caregiver comfort and patient experience. 

  1. To strengthen your brand image 

Healthcare-geared rental workwear is designed in accordance with fashion, a modern look and strong brand image considerations. While helping to distinguish care personnel from others, it also promotes a unified brand look, strengthening your corporate identity.  

  1. To zero your upfront costs and save your capital expenditure 

An industry-specialised rental textile partner with plug-and-play on-boarding services helps you to launch your operations fast and cost-efficiently. A growth partner like Lindström invests in your textile needs when you expand your existing business operations. We are also here for you even in creating a completely new setup. This enables you to free up your finances, which can be deployed more efficiently to further develop your core operations. 

  1. To optimise stock management of hospital clothes via digitally supported textiles 

Tracking, locating, and planning for textile needs can be tiresome. Unless you have a digitally supported solution that enables you to review the textiles in use, and to plan according to the fluctuations of demand. Then the entire process becomes easy to manage, transparent and streamlined. Digitally supported RFID-tagged textiles enable you to avoid unnecessary piles of stocks. It saves you money, and ensure the best hygienic conditions of your textiles as well. In the long run, data collected and analysed over a period of time provide predictability. This allows the optimisation of products in circulation, make you cost-efficient and improve the stock management of the overall process. 

  1. To ensure round-the-clock availability of hospital clothes and textiles 

Work in the healthcare sector is never over. Especially in hospitals, the need for workwear especially is constant. Amidst an ever-changing sequence of shifts, personnel continuously need clean and hygienic garments the moment they come to work. A digitally supported rental textile service helps to ensure that the right amount and size of textiles is always available. Regardless of the number of users or seasonal considerations. 

  1. To manage your healthcare textile inventory 

A rental textile management tool like eLindstrom is designed to provide you with real-time visibility of your textiles. It thus facilitates the inventory management process. Order, replace, repair, return and any other service request is just a click away. 

  1. To ensure a micro-biological quality standard in your operations 

Mandatory RABC (Risk Analysis Bio-contamination Control System) EN 14065 compliance for rental textile service providers guarantees that you automatically get the required pre-set level of microbiological quality when partnering up with a rental textile service provider. Agar-based swab tests taken at an industrial laundry ensure infection control in your operations. 

  1. To customise reports to meet audit compliances 

Your rental textile partner can provide support with specific textile-related or process-related reports for your audit requirements. 

  1. To standardise textile operations across different sites 

When it comes to the regional and global operations of healthcare companies, textile rental services go the extra mile to ensure brand identity and common operational standards and practices worldwide, thus, providing extra value. 

  1. To take care not only of patients but the planet as well 

Renting textiles is not only user-friendly but an eco-friendly and sustainable choice as well. Partnering up with a rental textile provider enables you to reduce your environmental impact by opting for textiles that are optimised for raw material acquisition & manufacturing as well as transportation & maintenance, tailored to your needs and purpose of use. 

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