Medical scrubs for the Healthcare industry

With the help of our professional workwear service for healthcare professionals, you ensure that your employees always have enough hygienically maintained, comfortable medical scrubs in use.  The right kind of medical clothing not only improves the hygiene in your facility but also makes every workday more convenient for the user.

Find the right kind of medical scrubs for each professional, from nurses’ uniforms to doctor clothes. Build a nursing outfit by choosing from nurse tops and pants without forgetting scrub jackets that keep your employees warm when needed. For doctors, it is easy to add a white doctor coat to fit the outfit. Our cost-efficient workwear service is the best solution for any healthcare business no matter your size – big or small we have the medical uniform solution for you!

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Medical scrubs for different kinds of professionals

Why you should choose to rent medical uniforms?

Medical uniforms fulfilling the hygiene norms and safety regulations

Meet the hygienic norms and work safety regulations

Clean uniforms always available with consistent quality

Transparency with digitally supported service

Save resources in the Healthcare industry

Cost-efficient and easy to budget

Benefits of our workwear service for the Healthcare industry

Lindström service is based on standardized microbiological purity management. As our customer, you can be confident that all our textiles will be washed according to the highest hygiene standards. Our service centers comply with the standard EN 14065, which guarantees the desired level of hygiene for the entire service process, from production to transport and distribution. All our business units are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Read more about how we take care of the hygiene and safety of workwear. 

When maintaining the medical scrubs, we use thermal or chemical disinfection that destroys microbes to ensure hygienic and sustainable products for the user. The chemical disinfection procedures help us to ensure safety and hygiene both for the user and the user’s surroundings.

When treating infected laundry, we follow the so-called closed laundry cycle process. In such a process, there is no contact with the infected textile before it is washed. Read more about how we ensure the high standards of hygiene in medical scrubs.

Workwear management, laundry, and inventory can be a real hassle in the healthcare sector. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the city hospital, retirement home, clinic, or a private optometrist shop – our service is flexible to all kinds of needs. Managing workwear and workwear laundry in the healthcare industry can be very costly with the high amounts of staff and restrict requirements for hygiene – healthcare staff needs clean, hygienic medical uniforms for every shift. We help you in all these matters with a digitalized workwear service.

With our service, you always have enough medical scrubs in use in the right place at the right time. Our service includes everything from the uniforms themselves to washing and maintenance, repairs and replacements, delivery and storage, workwear lockers, and online service eLindström.

Our online service, eLindström, helps you to be aware of the situation at all times and manage your service easily whenever and wherever – it’s open 24/7 and fully mobile so you can even use it on the go.  You can base your orders on your actual need and make additional workwear orders and service requests with just a couple of clicks and then follow your orders and inventories in real-time. Your eLindström dashboard allows you to view all of your locations and services at one glance and view reports in real-time which helps you with predictability. No more trouble with inventories, lost uniforms, or laundry deliveries – eLindström shows exactly how many pieces of workwear you have in use and how many are in the laundry as well as your next clean workwear delivery date. The whole service cycle is covered for you! Read more about eLindström here.

Increase employee satisfaction and well-being at work easily with our workwear service. Having clean, comfortable medical scrubs to wear for every shift ensures that your employees have an easy time coming to work and starting their shift. Our CarePro collection has been designed together with healthcare professionals that actually wear uniforms at work every day. The material choices and fit of the scrubs ensure moving around is easy even when lifting, pulling, squatting, or in any other situations faced in patient work. We wanted to pay special attention to comfort so that the users would stay comfortable even during long work shifts.

Clean and good-looking medical uniforms also have a positive effect on the customer experience and differentiate your brand from others. Unified outfits help your customers recognize your staff and positively affect professional identity. Our medical scrubs are always washed and maintained so that they meet the requirements of microbiological purity, keeping both your customers and employees safe from pathogens and contamination. Complete the look of your personnel with high-quality medical uniforms!

Comfortable and functional medical uniforms for the healthcare professionals

We offer a wide range of medical scrubs for Healthcare professionals suitable for all employees from hospitals to private clinics, dentists, optometrists, beauty clinics, and nursing homes. The versatile selection allows you to mix and match easily different pieces of clothing and color options to choose the perfect outfit for your needs. In addition to doctor’s and lab coats, you can choose from a variety of nursing shirts and blouses to pants and sweaters – both for women and men. All the medical uniforms are designed to face whatever challenging situation the healthcare professionals meet during their shift while keeping them safe and comfortable.