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We ensure that textiles are reused

In Finland, 100% of Comforta’s bed linen is recycled after use!

In Finland, Comforta uses the services of Dafecor Oy to recycle textiles that can no longer be used. Dafecor Oy, the Finnish market leader in its sector, produces new fibre from the textile industry’s surplus materials. Over 200,000 kilograms of waste textiles are transferred to Dafecor from Comforta every year. These include bed linen, duvet covers, pillowcases, terry towels and bathrobes. Before recycling, all client logos are removed from the textiles. 

Used bedding is turned into recycled fibre or material for recycled thread, or is cut into wipe cloths. At Dafecor, bedding textiles are shredded and defibrated to create recycled fibre. Recycled fibre can be used as material for absorption mats. Some bedding textiles are defibrated in Europe and then used to produce recycled thread. Bedding textiles are also cut into wipe cloths for industrial use and for restaurants. 

On the left, you can see layered gauze that has been manufactured from shredded, defibrated and folded recycled fibre. The middle picture shows a felt-like roll of recycled fibre after needling. In the picture on the right, a recycled fibre product is being stitched between two cotton cloths to produce a durable product for hire. 

Terry cloths and bathrobes are recycled by cutting them into wipe and absorption cloths for industrial use and for restaurants. Extra parts from bathrobes, such as belts, are disposed of by burning for energy. A small part of terry cloths and bathrobes are used as a raw material in defibration testing and acoustic insulation. 

Dafecor’s recycled products such as oil absorption mats and wipe/absorption cloths, are marketed by Lindström for industrial companies and the HoReCa sector. At the end of their life cycle, oil absorption mats rented out by Lindström are recycled one last time. In other words, when absorption mats are removed from the rental cycle, they are used one more time, to absorb substances that cannot be removed from the mats. 

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