Returnable shopping bags reduce plastic waste

Our returnable shopping bag service is the new norm of retail. It works just like a deposit bottle; when returned to your store, the customer gets a full refund of the deposit they paid for it. Our returnable shopping bags bring your customers always back to you and reduce plastic waste at the same time – it’s a win-win!

Benefits of our returnable shopping bag service



Benefits of Lindström workwear rental

Increase customer loyalty
with a sustainable option




Reduce plastic waste and
promote conscious shopping




Benefits of Lindstrom wokrwear rental

Promote a positive and
innovative company image

What you need to know about the returnable shopping bag service

How it works in your store

Your customers can redeem a returnable shopping bag at the register in exchange for a deposit. They can return the shopping bag to your store any time and change it to a clean shopping bag or full refund of their deposit.

We pick up the used shopping bags at agreed intervals in your store, wash them, repair them when necessary, and then return them back to you nice and clean for their next use.

Shopping bag with a long life cycle

Our textile shopping bags have been designed to last. They are made of durable materials and prints have been tested to ensure their long lifetime in our industrial laundry processes. The returnable shopping bags last up to 4 years and one bag can replace over 400 plastic bags*!

We deliver the shopping bags to you always with your own custom prints.

*Family with children using an average of 2 plastic bags a week, resulting in 416 pieces of plastic bags in four years time.