Let us handle your textile needs so that you can focus on your core business.
Let us handle your textile needs so that you can focus on your core business.

We know retail

In commerce, clean workwear supporting the corporate image and cleanliness of the facilities have a fundamental impact on the customer experience and image. With the help of our extensive overall service, you will improve your business operations, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more sales.

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Benefits of renting retail textiles
Safety and comfort for your staff and customers
Guaranteed hygienic cleanliness, complying with national and international standards. Top-quality products designed to improve both customer experience and employee comfort.
Efficiency and productivity
Non-stop availability of ready-to-use textiles tailored to your needs. Our production on demand capabilities help manage employee turnover.
Transparent optimisation through tracking
Cost-efficient and transparent – you only pay for the textiles you need and services you use. No hidden fees. The product lifecycle is monitored in real time through reliable, digital solutions.
Customer testimonials
What our retail customers have to say about our services
"We're looking forward to the new collection. End-users being able to test the functionality of the garments in their work and provide comments has been great."
Ritva Ylänkö | Pharmacist, Herttoniemi Pharmacy
Herttoniemi Pharmacy