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Rinse, spin, succeed: the best way of washing work clothes

Choosing the right workwear management solution is crucial when trying to ensure that your workwear remains clean and well-maintained. Maintaining and washing work clothes in a clean, hygienic way promotes a safer work environment, contributes to the well-being of your employees and improves the overall efficiency of your business. It is therefore important that businesses of all sizes – and across all sectors – have an effective, comprehensive, environmentally impactful solution to meet their maintenance and washing needs.

Laundry challenges to your business

Maintenance and washing processes may seem simple, but they are more complex than meets the eye. There is a delicate balance between achieving the hygiene levels you want and preserving garment longevity. Striking this balance requires knowledge, expertise and a careful attention to detail. For many industries, maintaining and washing garments is also a matter of safety. The reflectors that construction workers have on their workwear, for example, need to be checked to ensure they meet visibility and safety standards. 

There are several obstacles companies face when maintaining and washing work clothes:

Using resources optimally:

The laundry process demands a deep understanding of the nuances of using water, energy and detergent without wasting resources. 

Inspecting and repairing:

It takes skill and expertise to monitor cleaning agents and properly identify and repair partially damaged garments.

Cost, space and maintenance:

Investing in laundry equipment involves large, upfront costs. These machines, take up large spaces and require regular maintenance and a backup plan in case they break down.

Maintaining and washing work clothes effectively is about balancing resources, ensuring quality and managing space. Furthermore, the workwear washing needs to adhere to any specific industry standards where the employees use the garments. By addressing these challenges, your company can keep your workwear clean, hygienic and durable.

Industry-tailored solutions for industrial laundry needs

What if you do not have the space to handle washing workwear yourself? Or lack the skills and know-how for resource optimization or garment repair? That is where we come in, offering tailored solutions to help you overcome these obstacles.

We use state-of-the-art, industrial-scale washing machines and dryers to handle large amounts of garments. These machines are equipped with advanced water- and energy-saving features to optimise resources while maintaining the highest hygiene standards. As an example, water from loads with lightly soiled garments is recycled and used to wash heavily soiled workwear, like those from car repair shops. 

We are also committed to maintaining consistent garment quality, and conduct thorough inspections at each washing stage, checking for damage, stains and wear. We also ensure compliance with industry hygiene and safety regulations. This ensures that every piece of workwear leaving our facilities is in top condition. Plus, we repair any issues found, maximising the lifespan and value of your workwear.

Moreover, we carefully plan our facilities for efficiency. Our employees work at individual workstations, each with a specific task – such as handling dirty clothes or inspecting garments for damage. Stations are strategically positioned within the facility to optimise the laundry workflow; collecting, inspecting, washing, drying and packaging garments. We also tag each garment to track its progress and collect important data. This organised workflow helps us manage soiled garments effectively, stick to schedules and maintain high cleanliness standards. Our laundries are set up close to our customers, we currently operate over 130 modular laundry units in 23 countries.

Finally, not only do we follow the standards of your industry, but we have a full set of certificates to show we follow our own standards.

Our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility and occupational health and safety is an important part of our operations. We have ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and EN 14065 accreditation. These accreditations show that we commit to meeting customer needs, ensuring workspace safety and reducing environmental impact. 

But we are not stopping there. Our dedication to improvement and innovation means we are always refining our processes and exploring new solutions.

EN 14065 ensures contamination free textiles in our Lindström laundry process

The benefits of outsourcing the washing of work clothes

When it comes to workwear washing and maintenance, teaming up with us brings a host of advantages to your company. Here are the areas where your company gets added value by maintaining and washing work clothes with us:

We are always improving our processes to use resources efficiently and responsibly. We focus on sustainability and innovation to reduce environmental impact while offering cost-effective solutions for your business. 
We design our washing and maintenance procedures to make your garments last longer. We handle every garment with care and always try to repair them if they are torn or damaged. In this way, your work clothes stay strong and functional for a longer time.
Water is a vital resource in our operations, and we aim to optimise our water use while delivering high-level service. Through practices like water recycling, benchmarking best practices and collaboration with partners, we have reduced our water consumption by 50% per washed textile kilogram over the last three decades. By maintaining our equipment and investing in wastewater treatment, we ensure responsible water usage and contribute to a more sustainable future.
We are always improving our processes to use resources efficiently and responsibly. We focus on sustainability and innovation to reduce environmental impact while offering cost-effective solutions for your business. 
We know that your business needs may change, especially with seasonal shifts in demand. That is why we are flexible in adjusting our washing volumes to match your evolving needs. Whether you request more capacity during busy times or prefer fewer services during quieter periods, we seamlessly adapt to your preferences.

Partnering with us not only saves you money and boosts efficiency but also supports environmental sustainability and your changing needs.

Laundering textiles in healthcare

To understand the importance of optimal laundry practices, consider the healthcare industry. Clean and hygienic textiles are essential to the safety and health of patients and staff.

Healthcare settings face unique challenges with the constant presence of pathogens and high infection transmission risks. Linens and workwear, frequently exposed to sick patients and biological contaminants, can harbour harmful bacteria and viruses. Improperly washed and handled hospital textiles increase infection transmission risk, contributing to significant healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) worldwide. These infections have substantial financial and human costs.

Outsourcing linen management to experts offers numerous hygienic and environmental benefits. When entrusting us with your healthcare linen management, you can be confident that your employees’ and patients’ garments are hygienically clean, properly maintained and readily available. Our efficient processes and attention to detail ensure your facility always has a sufficient supply of clean textiles, maintaining industry standards and meeting changing needs.

We prioritise hygiene when washing work clothes

By prioritising cleanliness and hygiene, businesses can create safer and more efficient work environments for their employees. Outsourcing maintenance and washing to experts offers a viable solution to a company’s textile demands. With our expertise and tailored solutions, your business can ensure its workwear remains clean, hygienic and ready for the demands of your industry.

We take care of your laundry.
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