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Lindström providing labs with effective clothing

Pharmaceutical companies around the globe are stepping up their efforts in a bid to find a cure for Covid-19. The coronavirus has forced a quarter of the world’s population into lockdown and more than 20,000 people have died so far. The sheer speed at which this virus spreads has shocked many medical experts and it is the reason why pharmaceutical firms are desperately doing all they can to create a vaccine. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, production workwear plays a significant role in protecting drugs from contamination. Our Lindström workwear for pharmaceutical companies is specifically designed to protect products from contamination and particles, ensuring that products stay intact. 

We are extremely grateful for those in the pharmaceutical industry who continue to work at this difficult time to find a vaccine. 

Providing effective and comfortable protective clothing for the pharmaceutical industry 

As a business, we take great pride in creating the finest range of workwear for pharmaceutical companies. And throughout this critical period, it is essential that we continue to provide workers with the most effective and comfortable protective clothing. 

Our workwear for the pharma industry has been specifically designed with our customers to ensure that the protective garments and uniforms are the best fit for their purpose. We supply firms with a wide range of protective clothing for medicine production, as well as lab coats, tunics, and jackets for other tasks in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Designed for full protection and comfort, our pharma workwear has been created from the finest materials, ranging from anti-static properties to dust-free protective uniforms and cleanroom garments. Our talented team of workwear experts is always available to help new and existing customers determine the best workwear solutions for different tasks in your company. 

Ensuring microbiologically clean workwear 

We fully recognize the importance of hygiene and have designed our collection of pharma workwear so that they leave no particles behind and are easy to keep clean. Our thorough washing processes also ensure that all germs and pathogens are completely removed and you will always have access to microbiologically clean workwear. 

This is a challenging time for everyone, none more so than the people in the laboratories frantically trying to create a vaccine, and again you have our utmost respect for continuing to work. At this time, it’s crucial that all their attention is focused on developing a cure. Our workwear rental service allows them to do that by ensuring they have access to a variety of essential hygienically clean garments in their locker daily. We will continue to provide our high-quality service to our most cherished customers at this difficult time. 

Workwear rental service at your help 

At Lindström, our workwear rental service is an easy and cost-efficient solution for workwear management. Managing workwear and workwear laundry in the pharmaceutical industry can be very costly given the high amounts of staff and strict requirements for hygiene – production staff need microbiologically clean workwear for every shift and sometimes even several times a day. 

With our service, you will always have enough workwear in use in the right place at the right time. Thanks to the determination of our delivery drivers and those in production, our exceptionally high standards have remained in place during this period. We would like to express our utmost appreciation to them for continuing to work at this time. 

Our service includes everything from the workwear itself to washing and maintenance, repairs and replacements, delivery and storage, workwear lockers and the online service eLindström. Our rental workwear service is more advantageous than managing workwear orders and laundry on their own. 

We have a comprehensive hygiene guide for our staff during the coronavirus crisis. This includes hand hygiene, properly targeted and used protective equipment such as gloves, work clothing, and possible respiratory protection. Our workers, who are doing a fabulous job, and management are following the latest government guidelines and communications in order to keep our travel, remote work, and telecommunication policies up to date.