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Lindström joins forces with Reused Remade 

Upcycled hotel textiles turn into stylish reusable bag when Lindström joins forces with Reused Remade 

Lindström is partnering up with Reused Remade to upcycle the end of life cycle hotel textiles into stylish textile bags. The upcycled bags will be available for the consumers with Lindström’s Returnable Bag Service. 

Josephne Alhanko

Reused Remade is a Swedish company that has been upcycling linen to bags and selling them successfully in the Nordics since 2016. The innovative company has based its business around giving existing textiles a new lease on life, and they have a patent pending on the revolutionary process. 

“We are now joining forces to produce Returnable Bags by using textiles that have been used in our Hotel Textile Service. With this co-operation, we’ll be able to decrease even further the environmental impact of the bags: first, the linen has been in use in the hotels up to 6 to 8 years and will now be upcycled into bags for a new life which, with the help of our Returnable Bag Service will be cleaned and repaired as needed, will have a new lease on life for at least for almost a decade”, rejoices Harry Berg, Service Owner, from Lindström. 

“We want to give the conscious consumer a sustainable choice when it comes to bags. High-quality, discarded hotel bed linen is a good raw material to use for textile bags because the material is usually a mix of cotton and polyester. By turning these bed linen into returnable shopping bags we prolong their lifespan significantly. Compared to plastic, virgin or recycled cotton, our bags result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions and vastly reduce the amount of land and water needed for production. These bags are truly an environmentally friendly choice for customers, and with the Lindström Returnable Bag Service, an easy way of providing a good and sustainable choice for the retailers,” concludes Josephine Alhanko, Co-founder and Head of Sales at Reused Remade. 

“With upcycled materials, our Returnable Bags are giving consumers a long-waited alternative between single-use plastic bags and bags made out of virgin textiles. The circular economy is the way of the future and now, there is no need to buy and own even a shopping bag anymore!” rejoices Harry Berg. 

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