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Lindström India launches India’s first Cleanroom Unit in Pune

Lindström India, India’s only organised workwear service company, has just launched its first Cleanroom Unit in India. Lindström India, a 100% subsidiary of Finland’s Lindström Oy, launched its second line of business, called Cleanroom Workwear Services, in India to ensure the highest quality hygiene, safe and reliable workwear, which is the most critical to customers in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics industry. Lindström’s Cleanroom Workwear Services ensures hygienic production facilities by providing garments serviced in cleanroom laundries, which prevent contaminations during the laundering process, thereby ensuring complete safety of the products being manufactured.

The cleanroom unit, spread over 50.000 square feet in total, has the capacity to service 400.000 uniforms per month. The staff in the unit has received special training from experts in Finland and operates under a classified cleanroom environment to guarantee a sufficient supply of particle-free and contamination-free garments to its customers.

Anupam Chakrabarty, Senior VP-Sales & Markets, Lindström Global and Managing Director, Lindström India, said “In highly controlled production conditions, people are the most common sources of contamination. The cleanroom unit ensures that the workwear being serviced is free of dust, viable organisms or particles, thereby allowing the customer to run their business smoothly and safely.  We’re delighted to launch our first cleanroom unit for the Serum Institute of India, a leader and innovator in the Indian pharmaceutical industry that focuses heavily on the quality standards for its consumers.”

Inaugurating the new unit in Chakan in Pune, Dr. Suresh Jadhav, Executive Director, Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. said, “We’re very excited about the launch of Lindström’s first cleanroom unit for us. We have been working with Lindström for the last two years on this project and see huge value in the professional workwear services they offer. The Cleanroom Unit is a huge step in our mission of conforming to the highest industry standards and our commitment to quality.”

Lindström has cleanroom operations in Finland, Russia and China within the 24 countries it operates in, India now becoming the 4th Lindström country to have cleanroom services. Its cleanroom services for workwear operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures.

About Lindström India

Lindström India is a subsidiary of Lindström Group, a Finnish workwear service company. Established in 2007, Lindström India is the only organized rental workwear service company in India. The company clothes more than 100,000 people on a daily basis across India and over one million people globally. Headquartered in Mumbai, Lindström India has service centers in 11 cities including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Panchkula, Vadodara, Vizag, Tinsukia and Pune.

Lindström Group

We at Lindström take care of people at their work. Our easy and smoothly adaptable textile rental services enhance safety, hygiene and customer experience. We are a responsible corporate citizen and an engaging employer of over 4000 people in Europe and Asia. Our Group turnover in 2017 was 358 million euros. Our vision is to be a solid, half a billion euro company achieving excellent customer experiences with engaged employees.

About Serum Institute of India

Serum Institute India was founded in 1966 by Dr.Cyrus Poonawalla. Ranked as India’s no. 1 biotechnology company, it is world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer sold more than 1.6 billion doses. Serum Institute exports vaccines to more than 170 countries. Its facilities are accredited with WHO Geneva, and comply with cGMP requirements.  The Company has state-of-the-art facility and R&D facilities in their Pune/India location with separate SEZ campus. It is estimated that 65% of the children in the world receive at least one vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India.

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